InetSoft Reporting Software - Report Data Accentuation

InetSoft's reporting software allows users to accentuate the most relevant report data to the intended audience. View the example of our data presentation tools below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

Mapping of Query Parameters to Replet Parameters

We will now explore all of the features available using the ‘Highlight’ function.

1. Open the ‘Interactive’ report.

2. Click the ‘Ad Hoc’ button on the toolbar to enter Ad Hoc mode.

3. Right-click on one of the sales figures in the ‘Sales by Geography’ section and select ‘Highlight’. This opens the ‘Highlight’ dialog box.

In the ‘Highlight’ dialog box, you can select the table cell or row to highlight. This dialog box lists the highlights that are currently defined for the selection. (The table has an existing highlight called ‘High’.)

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Report Data Accentuation How To

We will now walk through the creation of a new highlight.

4. Click ‘Add’ and name the highlight “SampleHighlight”. Click ‘Next’.

5. Define the following highlight condition: “Total is less than 300000.” Click ‘Append’.

6. Click ‘Next’. The next dialog lets us define the formatting to apply when the condition is met. Check ‘Background’, and choose yellow.

7. Click ‘Finish’. Now the ‘Highlight’ dialog box shows the new highlight.

8. Click ‘OK’ to regenerate the report. Notice that the appropriate values are now highlighted.

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