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Companies are employing data visualizer software to transform their raw data into understandable information. Data, or raw numbers without context, does not tell a story. It is only when you analyze data that you start to make insights, and the BI industry has found that visualization is the most cost effective way to make data analysis.

InetSoft has created a user friendly solution for data visualization needs, Style Intelligence. Even a novice with a basic Excel skills can wield the dynamic environment as if they are a data engineer that teaches software development classes at a prestigious tech university. Create a donut chart with a dozen colors in seconds, or combine bubble and line charts to display correlated data efficiently.

Use colors, shapes, and stacked x/y axes to add additional dimensions and measures, displaying more information in a single chart. With ranges of visual options that go far beyond the simple ability to select a chart type and colors, Style Intelligence users can ask their data complex and important questions and find visual solutions to all of their data analysis needs.

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With InetSoft's tool, you can apply analysis to your data in ways you that previously required a data scientist. With the extremely fast load times in the Style Intelligence interactive environment, different data fields can be dragged and dropped into charts and filtering elements, allowing the user to start exploring their data after just a few clicks.

Mashing up data is a straightforward and utterly simple task. You can link a Salespeople table with a table of customer retention rates by dragging and dropping the two together, and Style Intelligence will produce a new data table showing which salesperson has the most loyal customers.

This mashup can now be saved and used in charts and tables, without editing the source data at all. When experimentation is this safe and easy, finding more nuance and generating complex questions becomes a rewarding experience instead of a delicate and technical operation.

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The strongest feature of Style Intelligence is the user friendly environment that gives novices an opportunity to find data insights on their own. Case studies show that mastery of the InetSoft interface only takes a couple of hours, where other comparable programs often take assistance from an IT expert and knowledge of different coding languages.

Usually coding in SQL language dominates the utilization of BI products, keeping the insights that BI affords a business in a small group of a few employees. Studies show, however, that when BI reaches more employees business growth and employee production improve tremendously.

Using the Style Intelligence platform the user needs no knowledge of coding, SQL language, or any advanced IT to query a database. The kinds of charts that would require complex formulas in a spreadsheet program can be assembled using simple drag and drop. And since dashboards are built in an interactive web-based environment, experimentation does not alter the data source, so end-users are allowed to immediately begin exploring and editing their data without worrying about creating aberrations or damaging data content.

To find out more about how Style Intelligence can work to innovate your business strategy, register for a live product demo with InetSoft service representatives today.

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“Flexible product with great training and support. The product has been very useful for quickly creating dashboards and data views. Support and training has always been available to us and quick to respond.
- George R, Information Technology Specialist at Sonepar USA

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