Style Scope
- Visual Analysis & Real Time Business Intelligence Reporting

InetSoft's Style Scope™ is an easy to use interactive dashboard solution for real time reporting and analytics. Featuring the state of the art interactive dashboarding and analysis capabilities of Style Intelligence, Style Scope provides the benefits of a sophisicated data intelligence platform with an easy to use and flexible visualization tool, making it an ideal solution for enterprises but also the perfect embeddable OEM component for solution providers.

What sets Style Scope apart in the overcrowded market of business intelligence platforms and reporting tools? Style Scope features InetSoft's proprietary Data Block technology, a visual drag and drop interface which enables everyday business users to perform complicated data mashups and manipulations that would previously require hand-coding. The era of relying on IT for all of your data modifications is over.

Visualized analysis is constructed in real-time by dropping data items into visual elements such as charts, KPI displays, and selection lists. The resulting visualizations reveal the intrinsic relationships among data and allow for easy apprehension of multidimensional data.

While other business intelligence applications may strive for similar end-user ease-of-use and the compelling-looking visualization technology that InetSoft's solution offers, enterprises and OEMs often select Style Scope for its ability to solve data management challenges as well as its IT-friendliness.

Read the Style Scope datasheet for a detailed explanation of the platform's capabilities and features.

Key Product Features and Capabilities


Business users get maximum self-service, building sophisticated visual analyses with just clicks of a mouse

Enterprise Friendly

100% server-based: no client downloads or mobile apps
Granular security control


A Java-style API and multiple integration points allow developers maximum control over programmatic use of dashboarding and reporting

Wide Connectivity

Access standard databases, cloud and on-premise applications, XML, SOAP, Excel and more

Happy Customer Reviews


"Right away from the first demonstration, we were very impressed with just how easy everything looked, it seemed too good to be true. And since we've gotten our hands on the software, everything we've thrown at it it's been able to do." - Chris G.

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"Our data scientists weren't used to having this kind of flexibility when it came to security. They were thrilled to learn that they could set up different data tables isolating specific data for departments, and assign individual access permissions as well." - Steven O.

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Key Visualization Features

Ease of Use

Drag and drop design in a web browser, Spreadsheet-like design, Monitoring and analysis oriented views


Mobile dashboards accessible anywhere on iPads, iPhones, Android-based tablets, and smartphones via HTML5

Unlimited Charting Capabilities

Wide range of sophisticated chart types including custom geographic mapping, Multi-dimensional charting to visually discover complex data relationships

Data Exploration

Brushing for data exploration; click any chart element to instantly see its proportion represented across all other charts, Drilldown across views and into details

External Interfaces

Export to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and CSV

Shared Bookmarks

Save annotations, selections, and chart edit settings of any dashboard or analysis for future retrieval and sharing among users
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G2 Crowd High Performer

High performers are vendors who rank in the one of the two right-hand quadrants G2 Crowd Grid for Business Intelligence Platforms based on verified end-user reviews. InetSoft earned this distinction for the third season in a row competing against 123 other BI applications.

New in Release 2018

- 100% HTML5 and Refreshed UI

Headlining the dozens of enhancements in the latest release of Style Intelligence is the completion of the implementation of HTML5 in parts of the platform. Next comes the user interface refresh to provide a contemporary look and feel. Also, now available is an easier approach to machine learning that unifies the running of models and the visual analysis of their results and impact drivers.

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Go Farther With Style Intelligence

Looking for a solution with even wider data support, as well as integration with the latest in machine learning? Style Intelligence includes all the features of Style Scope, but also supports semi-structured data, Big Data, database writeback and production reporting. Learn more below.

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Learn how InetSoft's native big data application is specifically designed for a big data operating system.