Style Scope
- Visual Analysis & Real Time Business Intelligence Reporting

InetSoft's Style Scope™ is an easy to use interactive dashboard solution that includes real time reporting capabilities. It is an edition of Style Intelligence that focuses on business data monitoring and exploration by combining a data intelligence platform with visualization technology, serving both enterprises and solution providers.

At the core of the data intelligence platform is InetSoft's Data Block™ technology which enables data mashup in a Lego-like block fashion. IT creates performance tuned and security-controlled data blocks that can be transformed and assembled by business users for real-time business questions.

Casual business or consumer-type users get maximum self-service via personalizable, intuitive point-and-click visual access to information. Power users and data scientists get the ability to work with whatever data they need without relying on IT.

Dashboard Demo

Visualized analysis is constructed in real-time by dropping data items into visual elements such as charts, KPI displays, and selection lists. The resulting visualizations reveal the intrinsic relationships among data and allow for easy apprehension of multidimensional data.

While other business intelligence applications may strive for similar end-user ease-of-use and the compelling-looking visualization technology that InetSoft's solution offers, enterprises and OEMs often select Style Intelligence for its ability to solve data management challenges as well as its IT-friendliness.

View a 2-minute intro to how InetSoft's approach to enabling data intelligence via dashboards and reports differs from others in the marketplace.

New in Version 12.2

- Making Mobile BI Software More Efficient

Headlining the dozens of enhancements in the latest release of Style Intelligence is the maturation of HTML5 support to the point where neither native mobile apps or Flash is required to support all devices (laptops, desktops, Macs, tablets and phones). Apache Spark is the new built-in foundation for the application's option for handling big data and high usage scenarios.


bubble chart

Interactive Dashboard Product Features and Capabilities

Data Access and Mashup

  • Real-time data mashup Data Block™ architecture
  • Professional atomic data block modeling tool
  • End user data mashup on the web
  • Connectivity to relational databases (JDBC), multidimensional databases, XML, SOAP, Java beans (POJO), Microsoft Excel, and flat files. (More enterprise applications and database types, includng Hadoop, are accessible via Style Intelligence)
  • Security control at the data cell level for users, roles and groups
  • Data mashup across domains and multiple data sources
  • Database write-back option
  • High performance scalability for Big Data and large volumes of users via built-in Apache Spark platform
  • Embedded dashboarding - a Java-style API and multiple integration points allow developers maximum control over programmatic use of dashboarding and reporting
Read what InetSoft customers and partners have said about their selection of Style Scope for their solution for dashboard reporting.

Visualizations, Dashboards and Visual Business Analytics

  • Dashboard and visualization annotations
  • Mobile dashboards accessible from web-enabled devices including Android-based tablets, smartphones, iPads, and iPhones
  • All popular web browsers supported with or without a Flash plugin - e.g., Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
  • Unlimited multi-dimensional charting
  • Brushing for data exploration
  • Drilldown across views and into details
  • Wide range of sophisticated chart types including custom geographic mapping
  • Visualization view re-use and collaboration
  • Drag and drop design in a web browser, spreadsheet-like design
  • Use gauges, thermometers, and other familiar objects
  • Use charts, maps, and other advanced visual displays
  • Dual purpose input/output elements
  • Views assembled from sub-level views
  • Monitoring and analysis oriented views
  • Export to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and CSV
  • Shared bookmarks - save annotations, selections, and chart edit settings of any dashboard or analysis for future retrieval and sharing among users
  • Alerts for exceptions or business-rule triggers
  • Snapshot archiving