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Creating dashboards is an iterative process of visual design and data manipulation.

Accelerate it with InetSoft's unified web app.

Data Mashup & Dashboard Design in One Web App

Mashup data and design visualization dashboards in a single web application. As a user portal is also integrated in the web app, business users can easily engage with the professional designer in the design process to minimize business and technology gaps.

A pure web app approach naturally makes the application ideal for in-cloud platforms. The data mashup engine's cache and acceleration power further ensure high performance regardless of deployment choices

easy dashboard design example

Interconnected Visualizations, On-the-Fly Customization

Automatically Wired Dashboards

A dashboard is not just a collection of charts and tables. All these visual components and inputs are automatically wired together. For example, brushing on one data point in a chart will highlight its correlated data points in all visual components.

dashboard exploration user interface example

Flexible Self-Service Customization

Business users are always facing new questions that requre modification of dashboards. The challenge of maximizing self-service is to match skill levels with exposed functions. InetSoft's zero-training customization is designed with fine-grained control for precise skill matching.

personalized dashboard example

User Collaboration and Team Sharing

With built-in collaboration functions like annotations, bookmarking and sharing, analysis naturally extends to human collaboration and shared thoughts. Unlike external conversations, human-injected information is live and associated with the data. The association and history is not lost when new and updated data comes in. Conversations can also be secured to various scopes.

dashboard annotation collaboration example

Highly Rated By Customers & Award Winning

Software Advice BI FrontRunner
G2 Crowd High Performer

"We saved months of development time associated with initial internal development and were able to launch applications faster than if the reporting solution were developed in-house." - Dhruv G .


"Thanks to Style Report, our ability to report effectively has been a deciding factor in some of our most successful sales and thus has allowed us to gain a tremendous benefit.."
- Chris B.


OEMing and Integrating Style Scope

Style Scope is designed to be fully customizable for OEM applications. The user portal, visual composer and admin interface are all readily rebrandable and themable. Single Sign On and other backend integration points have been refined in Style Scope for more than 10 years.

InetSoft's long experience in partnering with solution providers and internal IT, business term flexibility, and responsiveness has made InetSoft the preferred provider for many verticals and horizontals.

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