Why InetSoft's Business Intelligence Dashboards?

Are you researching business dashboard options? There certainly is no shortage of solutions to consider. InetSoft offers business dashboards as a component of its BI software platform Style Intelligence.

While some business intelligence dashboard solutions deliver only flashy interfaces and bells and whistles of questionable value such as scrolling tickers, InetSoft has added extensive dashboard capabilities on top of a sound technology base rooted in over twenty years of developing reporting software.

Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports in One Application

In one software package, you get state-of-the-art interactive, zero-client BI dashboard capabilities plus very mature and feature-rich publishable reporting software that has been highly ranked by customers on G2, plus an extremely robust database access and data mashup platform founded on InetSoft's patent-pending Data Block™ technology.

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The InetSoft Difference from "Big BI"

This comprehensive of a business intelligence software application competes in functionality with the traditional incumbents in the business intelligence industry, but InetSoft's philosophy is distinctly different. InetSoft believes that these “big BI” solutions have become overly complex, even more so due to their acquisition strategies. That complexity has led to three significant drawbacks:

1. It has driven up software licensing costs unnecessarily

2. It has created such a large obstacle to implementation that business intelligence consultants need to be hired to set up the software and train users on it

3. It has led to non-intuitive interfaces that average business users struggle to grasp

InetSoft's business intelligence dashboard software has been designed to be easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to administer. Ease of use is the one area that cannot be underestimated for its impact on making a business intelligence dashboard project successful. With that in mind, InetSoft has developed its business intelligence application with the average business user in mind, even any not-so-technically literate executives.

Last, but not least to point out, is that InetSoft's software is flexibly priced with server based licensing so that organizations of any size can enjoy its benefits. InetSoft also makes the business intelligence dashboard software available for standalone licensing in the product Style Scope.

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