InetSoft Product How-To: Deploying a Report

One of the easiest ways to deploy reports to a web server is using the Live Deploy feature of the Report Designer. Once a report is deployed, users can view it within the Report Portal. In the following example, you will deploy the “Sample Sales Report” report that you saved in the previous section.

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Before you can Live Deploy the report, you must ensure the Live Deploy option is enabled in Enterprise Manager. Follow the steps below: On Unix, run the file in the bin directory of the Style Intelligence installation.

  1. Launch Enterprise Manager from the Windows 'Start' menu: Start → All Programs → Style Intelligence→ Style Intelligence Server. This starts the sever, and opens a browser window to the InetSoft Home page.
  2. Click the link for 'Enterprise Manager'. This opens the login screen for the Enterprise Manager (http://localhost:8080/sree/EnterpriseManager).
  3. Log into Enterprise Manager with the default username “admin” and password “admin”.
  4. Under the main Server tab in Enterprise Manager, expand the 'Server' node in the navigation tree on the left.
  5. Select 'Deployment'.
  6. Click the checkbox next to 'Enable live report deployment'.
  7. Click 'Apply'. You should see a message indicating that the operation was successful.
  8. Return to Report Designer, and click the 'Deploy' button in the top toolbar. This opens the 'Deploy Report' dialog box. Enter the following settings:
    1. Server URL: http://localhost:8080/sree/Reports.
    2. Administrator name and password: “admin” for both.
    3. Report name: “Sample Sales Report”.
  9. Click 'Deploy'. You should get a confirmation message indicating that your deployment was successful.

The report is now available in the Report Portal.

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Viewing Deployed Reports

The Report Portal can display reports in any web browser. Users can access reports directly using a URL or by using the report repository tree. To view the “Sample Sales Report” that you deployed above, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the User Portal from the Windows 'Start' menu: Start → All Programs → Style Intelligence → Style Intelligence Server. This starts the server and opens the browser to the InetSoft Home page.
  2. Select the 'User Portal' link to open the Portal.
  3. In the Portal, select the Report tab.
  4. In the left pane of the Portal, expand the 'Repository' tree and the 'My Reports' node. Click the 'Sample Sales Report'.

The report is now open for viewing. For more information on the Report Portal, including available toolbar operations, see End User. For information on end-user report editing, see Ad Hoc Reporting.

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