InetSoft's Embedding Dashboarding Tools

Embedding dashboarding tools allows application developers to provide self-service oriented graphical views of the data their application manages in the same place a where the application's users work. The instructional example below illustrates this capability of the Style Intelligence solution.

1. Prepare the joined table to be displayed in a Viewsheet:

a. Right-click the joined table title bar and select ‘Properties’ from the context menu. Change the name of the joined table to “Result Table”.

If the table is in hierarchical view, click the ‘Show Editable View’ button on the toolbar.

b. Click the ‘Show Meta Data’ button in the table’s toolbar to exit live-data mode.

c. In the left-most table column named ‘Quantity’, click the ‘Visibility’ button to hide the column. (This column shows the value from the Embedded Table, and does not need to be displayed in the Viewsheet.)

d. Save the Worksheet as “Large Quantity”.

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2. In the following steps, create a new viewsheet to display the ‘Result Table’ from the Worksheet:

a. Create a new Viewsheet based on the ‘Large Quantity’ worksheet.

b. From the Component tree, drag the ‘Result Table’ Data Block onto the Viewsheet grid. This creates a table called ‘Result Table’.

c. Drag the table handles to make the table taller, so that about 10 rows are shown.

3. Add a Spinner element to control the value in the Embedded Table (thus filtering the displayed ‘Result Table’).

a. Drag a Spinner from the Component tree onto the Viewsheet grid.

b. Right-click the Spinner, and select ‘Properties’ from the context menu. This opens the ‘Spinner Properties’ dialog box.

c. Select the Data tab. From the ‘Table’ menu, select ‘Query’. (This is the ID of the Embedded Table in the Worksheet.)

d. Select the General tab. In the ‘Number Range’ panel, set ‘Maximum’ to “10000.”

4. Test the Spinner control by entering different values. Observe how the values in the table change: The table only displays records for which ‘Qty Sold’ is greater than the value you choose in the Spinner.

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