Options for Exporting Data Report Assets

InetSoft's reporting software permits administrators great flexibility in the ability to report reporting system assets for archiving, sharing, or migrating reports between installations.

The 'Repository' > 'Export Asset' node under the Server tab opens the 'Export Assets' page, which allows the developer to combine an arbitrary set of assets into an archive (jar file). The assets in this archive can then be imported into a different environment (e.g., different server).

Assets in the following categories can be archived:

• Data: Data Models, Queries, Worksheets, etc.
• Global Dashboard: Administrator-defined dashboards.
• User Dashboard: User-defined dashboards.
• Global Repository: Administrator-deployed reports and Viewsheets (which include user-placed bookmarks)
• User Repository: User-deployed reports ('My Reports' folders).
• Library: Reusable components; beans, scripts, table styles, etc.

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Exporting Assets to a Jar File

To save a set of assets in an archive file, follow the steps below:

1. Select an asset from the 'Available Assets' panel.

2. Click the arrow button to move the asset to the 'Selected Assets' panel. The dependency table at the bottom of the 'Export Assets' page updates to list the assets which are used by the entries in the 'Selected Assets' panel.

3. Select any subset of the assets in the table for inclusion in the archive file.

4. Select 'Overwrite existing files' if the assets in the archive should by default overwrite existing assets of the same name when imported into the new environment. This default overwriting behavior can be overridden on the import side through the import 'Overwrite existing files' option.

5. Click OK to save the archive. Depending on your browser's configu­ration, you will either be prompted to save the archive file in the browser's designated download directory, or you will be prompted to choose a location in which to save the export file.

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