Key Performance Indicators Dashboards

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are business metrics used to track an organization's performance and determine whether business goals are being met. Every industry, agency, or organization must measure its performance on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis to ensure health and sustainability.

The best way to capture KPI's is through dashboard software. InetSoft's dashboards leverage KPI's by providing a dynamic, easy to understand visual display of an organizations most important metrics.

InetSoft's dashboards are channels for all end users to focus on the information and measures that are most crucial to them. For example, it is important to know how much sales for the quarter are, but what if a manager needed to choose a sales person to make a pitch? With InetSoft's drill down capabilities, users can quickly spot who had the best sales consistently, or even compare quality of sales.

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healthcare KPI chart example
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KPI Applications

Once an organization has selected their most crucial KPI's, InetSoft's dashboards will present each one in the best possible way. Nonetheless, each dashboard is fully customizable and easy to manipulate. Now, bare data turns into insightful and actionable information.

KPI's help organizations quantify their business in traditional and novel ways by providing a deeper understanding of where their business stands, where they can improve, and how. A KPI dashboard could be the difference between succeeding and failing in business as they provide all users with real time information in a way they have not seen before. Visual graphs and pictures help users spot patterns, trends, or even potential problems that a spreadsheet simply could not capture.

Dashboards allow users to visualize their goals and targets while keeping track of how far or close they are from reaching them. When applied, a KPI dashboard is a powerful tool to bring any organization to a new level of precision and success.

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