Interactive Production Reports

InetSoft's award winning reporting software provides users the tools to build comprehensive interactive production reports from disparate and seemingly incompatible data sources. View the example below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

Operational or production reports are the backbone of most business processes. These reports are typically produced in electronic format and paper printouts for a wide range of users. The vast amount of business knowledge contained within such reports is extremely valuable because they are widely used and time critical. Production reports are often viewed as the most fundamental business intelligence tool.

The Report Explorer allows you to browse, search, and customize report elements by sorting, filtering, and hiding/reordering table columns. This gives you the ability to create a view of the report that suits your needs. The Report Explorer does not change the report, but only manipulates the way the information in the report is viewed. However, you can export or save your customized report to the report archive.

interactive production reports
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While production reports are the foundation, they often need to be changed to suit a particular purpose. Changes can be minor, like changing the sort order, or major ones that completely change the report. Instead of creating separate reports for each need, users like yourself are given the power to customize reports to address your specific requirements.

We will use sample reports that may be located in the 'Repository' panel of the Report Portal. All of these examples come with the default installation. Ask your system administrator to set up the examples if you do not see them. If the reports are not available, you can still learn by referring to the screenshots.