Interactive Drill Down Reports

InetSoft's award winning reporting software offers users sophisticated drill down report tools that allow those with minimal technical expertise to assemble comprehensive reports. View the example below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

A drill-down will allow you to access information associated with a report element. It is often used to show the detail behind a summary value. Our example utilizes the 'Interactive' report.

In the 'Interactive' report you can drill down on different report elements by just clicking on the hyperlinks, i.e., one of the bars in the 'Revenue by Year' chart, one of the States in the 'Sales by Geography' section, or one of the company names in the 'Purchaser List'. Elements even support multiple hyperlinks, which will appear in a popup hyperlink menu.

If a hyperlink is ambiguous, you will be shown a pop-up dialog with a list of possible options for the drill-down.

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Interactive Report Parameters

A parameter is any input that you enter. Run the 'Parameters' report.

You see the first set of parameter choices in the screenshot. Once the state is chosen from the drop-down option box, the second drop-down option box will contain client cities in the state that was selected.

Interaction Walkthrough

  1. In the 'State' drop-down, select 'NJ'. The 'City' drop-down now contains cities within New Jersey. Change the state to 'CO', and select 'Boulder' for the city. Now 'Submit' your selections.
  2. You will see the next set of parameters. Here you will again narrow the scope of the report to be generated. (We chose 'Category'.) Click Submit.

    Note: Multiple options can be selected by holding down the CTRL key on your key­board while selecting individual options, or the SHIFT key to choose consecutive options.

  3. Now you have a third set of parameters to choose, categories of products. (We chose 'Games', 'Educational', and 'Graphics'.) Click Submit.
  4. The report is in the Display panel, but there is still one more parameter available, in the upper right corner under the InetSoft logo.
  5. Choose 'Bar' from the drop-down to change the charts.
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