KPI Dashboard Software That Is Easy to Deploy and Easy to Use

Are you looking for KPI reporting software that is robust enough to:

  • grab the attention of executives
  • meet the demands of power users
  • scale up for organizations of all sizes

and is easy enough to be:

  • deployed in weeks, not months
  • learned by end-users with minimal training

and flexible enough to:

  • adapt to changing data structures and business needs
  • accommodate data exploration through visualization and maximum self-service
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Examples of KPI Dashboards and Reports

The examples of KPI dashboards shown at the top and bottom of this pagecome from a set of interactive dashboards that InetSoft has developed and made available in an edition of Style Intelligence tailored to users. For more details on that solution please see salesforce dashboard information on Style Intelligence for Salesforce.

The same intelligence-packed, highly-interactive, Flash-based KPI software can be deployed with InetSoft's on-premise version of Style Intelligence. Please see more information for this flagship dashboard product here. To see more examples of KPI dashboards, visit our gallery.

education KPI dashboard screenshot

marketing KPI dashboard screenshot

Executive Sales Dashboard with a KPI Report

The dashboard at the top of this page is the prototypical executive sales dashboard designed for both the executive who is managing many account managers as well as the sales manager keeping track of just his own sales pipeline. In one screen you have eight charts multiplied by as many account representatives in your organization thanks to the selection list in the upper right.

Checking off one or more of those salespeople refreshes all of the other charts to show information associated with their sales pipelines. For organizations with dozens or hundreds of sales representatives, the selection lists can be organized hierarchically, and view permissions by user are also hierarchical.

Commonly Reported KPIs

  • Year-to-date sales versus last year's for the same period
  • Size of the current sales pipeline versus the same period last year
  • Sales opportunity close ratio, this year compared to last year
  • Monthly closed-won sales
  • Dollar-sizes of all opportunities in the sales pipeline by sales stage
  • Number of new leads created by month
  • Top sales opportunities in the pipeline - you can drill through the account names to get to the specifics of the opportunity.
  • Exception reporting - you can see a count and drill through to the list of leads that have not been touched in the last x days that you specify as inactive, as well as the number of opportunities deemed inactive.

Customer Service Operations Dashboard using InetSoft's KPI Software

This is a powerful interactive dashboard for customer service managers and executives to monitor key performance indicators for a service operations department. In one view, you have seven information-packed charts and two embedded reports mutliplied by the number of customer service representatives in your organization.

For organizations with dozens or hundreds of sales representatives, the selection list seen in the upper right corner can be organized hierarchically, and view permissions by user are also hierarchical.

  • Open cases by status, priority and age
  • Current case load by agent and status
  • Employee performance by cases closed and time to close
  • Overall case open vs. close rate
  • Same day close rates – overall and by agent
  • Open high-priority cases – summary and detail by owner and case age
  • Exceptions reporting – number and detail of inactive cases
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