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To use Active Directory Server, you should enable writing to schema. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. 'Start' >'Run'
  2. Type “mmc” and click 'OK'
  3. Select the 'Console' > 'Add/Remove Span-In' menu and click 'Add'.
  4. Select 'Active Directory Schema' and click 'Add'
  5. Select 'Active Directory Users and Groups' and click 'Add'
  6. Select 'Close' and then 'OK'
  7. Right-click 'Active Directory Schema' in the tree on the left
  8. Select 'Change Domain Controller'
  9. If the Current DC is not correct, select 'Specify Name', enter the DC, and click 'OK'
  10. Right click 'Active Directory Schema' and select 'Operations Master'
  11. If the Current Operations Master is not the same as the DC you just entered, click the 'Change' button
  12. Check the “The Schema may be modified...” box.
  13. Click 'OK' and exit the MMC

Note that the administrator account needs to be a member of the Schema Admins group.
Select 'Generic' as the 'LDAP Security Provider' to use any other LDAP server.

Note that a fully qualified name must be entered for the Administrator ID.

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Property Name


Host Name

The host name of the server that is running the directory server.


The port number on which the directory server is
Example: 389

Root DN

The distinguished name [DN] of the root of the
directory server.
Example: dc=inetsoft,dc=com

Administrator ID

The distinguished name [DN] of the directory server administrator.
Example: cn=manager,dc=inetsoft,dc=com

Administrator Password

Directory server administrator's password.
Example: secret

Administrator Role

The name of the administrator role in the LDAP provider.

User Search Filter

The search filter used to find system users.
Example: (objectclass=person)

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