Location Intelligence Customer Examples

Below is the transcript from a podcast from InetSoft Technology. The speaker is Mark Flaherty, CMO at InetSoft.

Another example of customers using location intelligence is telecommunications companies. They really have a lot of value in their assets, and a lot of those are location-based. For instance, a lot of communications companies will have fiber optic lines, coaxial, cell phone towers, and that is the heart of their business. They actually define their trade areas. Their customers are in close proximity to such assets. By integrating with BI data, these firms are making more insightful decisions on where to profitably build out their networks and identify the most cost-effective cross-sell opportunities.

There are other industries. Healthcare, government organizations, financial services, they all use the combined location intelligence and business intelligence solutions as well. So it’s pretty prevalent across multiple industries.

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How is InetSoft's location intelligence solution different from specialty GIS applications?

In our case, the location intelligence component is integrated into the BI application which allows users to continue with the workflows they are familiar with, instead of having to use a separate application.

For instance, they get the back and forth interaction between a map and a report. They also can do geographic filtering. Users can generate a map from a report with a simple click of an icon. They can use the map to select areas and points of interest and see the data for that selection in the accompanying report. This allows the map to be used as an intuitive geographic querying interface to drill into your data.

Instead of looking at a table report of zip codes, you see the data visually, and you can see where you want to make your next click to dive into more information.

The map itself can be created from standard geographic parameters like census boundaries, postal boundaries, or can be custom built with longitude and latitude values for custom sales regions, for instance.

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Industries That Use Location Intelligence

Location intelligence has become a vital tool across various industries, leveraging geographical data to enhance decision-making processes and gain valuable insights. In the retail sector, businesses utilize location intelligence for market analysis, site selection, and personalized marketing strategies. The transportation and logistics industry benefits from optimizing routes, tracking assets, and improving supply chain management.

Real estate professionals leverage location intelligence for property valuation, market trends analysis, and urban planning. Emergency services, such as fire departments and law enforcement, rely on location intelligence for effective response planning and resource allocation. The healthcare industry uses spatial data for epidemiological studies, disease mapping, and optimizing healthcare facility locations.

In agriculture, farmers employ location intelligence for precision farming, crop monitoring, and resource optimization. Utilities companies utilize it for infrastructure management, predictive maintenance, and outage response. Financial institutions use location intelligence for risk assessment, fraud detection, and branch network optimization.

Finally, smart cities integrate location intelligence for urban planning, traffic management, and public services optimization. These diverse applications highlight the widespread adoption of location intelligence across industries, demonstrating its versatility and impact on decision-making processes.

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