How To: Managing the Report Repository

Users of InetSoft's reporting software are able to manage the report repository in order to improve performance and make necessary ad hoc adjustments for ease of use. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

The report repository is the collection of deployed reports (replets) and Viewsheets. You can manage the repository through the Report tab in the Enterprise Manager. Reports and Viewsheets can be grouped into folders for organization, and folders can be hierarchically nested.

When a folder is deleted, all of the subfolders and related reports will be deleted as well. If a security provider is selected, users (and roles) can be given read and write permission for either folders or individual reports and Viewsheets. Both replet classes and report templates can be registered as replets. The repository can be viewed by users through the Report Portal or alternative viewer.

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reporting api output example
reporting api output sample

From the 'Repository' node, under the Report tab, you can do the following tasks:

  • View a list of folders, replets, live reports, snapshots, archived reports, and Viewsheets (dashboards)
  • Add folders and replets
  • Specify replet, folder, and Viewsheet properties
  • Register new prototypes
  • Delete any of the objects listed on the tree on this page.

Note that the Ad Hoc reporting tool also provides powerful end-user reporting features. An end user may create a new report from scratch using the various report creation wizards or from a template registered as a prototype. They may also modify an existing report in terms of both visual presentation/formatting and data binding (assuming that the user has the appropriate permissions).