Marketing Reporting Solution Case Study

This is a case study of a marketing reporting solution built with InetSoft's dashboard and reporting software - which can be used to access and report on any type of data, including marketing data.

Leading Marketing Services Company Delivers Marketing Reporting and Intelligence Solution


This InetSoft client requested to remain confidential. They are a provider of comprehensive, integrated, unique, and highly cost-effective marketing services at every level of healthcare marketing. Through a combined assembly of “best in class” business disciplines, the company provides an effective, forward-thinking, and proven range of services that include Marketing Insights, Clinical Marketing, Field Level Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion.

Information delivery to clients is a central capability in all of the company’s marketing services. The company has built a Web-based portal application for information access and sharing between its staff and clients. It came time to enhance and upgrade an existing reporting and dashboard solution licensed from another vendor, and the company chose InetSoft for its high degree of integration-readiness and for its flexibility in technology licensing options.

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Problem / Challenge

The company’s clients are marketing professionals at major pharmaceutical companies. Depending on the clients’ needs, they will utilize different services from the company’s portfolio of marketing services and programs. Examples include market research programs where thousands of individuals are surveyed on medical history and medication behaviors and market launch programs where awareness and adoption metrics are collected. All of the company’s services and programs generate large amounts of data that needs to be sliced and diced, and analyzed for measuring return on investment, budgeting, and forecasting.

The company’s clients are information-hungry and need to be able generate reports on demand and extract data to analyze and manipulate off-line. Before implementing InetSoft’s product, the reporting and information access in the company’s application was basic, but demands from their clients were increasing. The time came to replace the solution that had been licensed from a major reporting application vendor with one that was more flexible and could meet the demands of the company’s clients.

Solution / Requirement

The company needed a Web-based information access and reporting application to integrate into its client access portal. It needed to function transparently to the user re-using the existing security and permission protocols and mesh with the look and feel of the company’s application. Specific reporting requirements included parameterized reports that accepted client identity, report selection, and other filtering inputs to generate reports in real-time based on the most current data store.

The company selected InetSoft’s Style Report Enterprise application, the publishing product in Style Intelligence, InetSoft’s complete business intelligence platform. In addition to meeting the requirements listed above, a chief advantage for InetSoft was the flexibility in licensing models to match the company’s business model and levels of usage, and an overall lower cost of acquisition. For instance, upgrading the incumbent solution with the appropriate capability required purchasing a business intelligence platform that far exceeded their needs and would cost significantly more than the InetSoft solution. Drop-downs for Dimension Selections.

Customer Value

  • Now the company’s clients have a library of over 40 report templates that are customized to their portfolio of programs and services.
  • The company is able to support 95% of the clients’ information demands in a completely automated manner, up from 50%, freeing up more time for its developers to focus on core application advances.
  • The remaining 5% of client requests which require ad hoc report generation can be handled part-time by one analyst, and InetSoft’s Data Block™ technology permits the re-use of such efforts for other clients when similar requests arise.
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