InetSoft Reporting Software: Report Generation - Servlet Configuration

Configuration of servlets is dependent on the web server and servlet engine. It normally involves the following steps:

  1. Add the InetSoft JAR files to the CLASSPATH of the servlet engine.
  2. Register a servlet with the server. The servlet class name is inet­
  3. Possibly assign an alias for the servlet. The alias is then used to form a URL that refers to the servlet.

BI Demo Register

Configuring the Servlet

The PDF servlet requires a few initialization parameters. The parameters must be specified when configuring the servlet in the web server. For details on how to specify initialization parameters, please refer to the web server documentation.

Initialization Parameter Description
tmpDir Directory to hold the temporary files, e.g. d:/temp
templateDir Directory where the report template files are located. It is not required if the template files are always specified using the full path or as resource names.
refreshInterval Delay between browser refresh in milliseconds. If the refresh interval is set to 0, the servlet will wait until the document is generated before returning. Otherwise, the servlet returns immediately with an HTML page and refreshes every few seconds to check for the document.
sree.home Directory where the query.xml and datasource.xml files are located. The sree.home can be replaced by other properties for specifying the location of the registry files.
embed Set this to 'true' if you would like the generated PDF to be embedded in the HTML. This allows the PDF to be viewed using the browser's Adobe Reader plug-in.
timeout Session timeout in milliseconds. Files are removed after a specified timeout period. The default timeout is 15 minutes.
license.key InetSoft license key