Options for Graphic Elements for Reports

The graphic elements in InetSoft's report software offer the most complete visual data tools available in a commercial BI application. View the example below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

You can add new elements from the left pane by dragging them into the layout on the right. You can change the position and size of elements on the right by selecting them, then dragging the element or its resize handles. You can also modify the properties of elements in the layout by selecting them, right-clicking, and choosing ‘Properties’.

For text elements that are bound to data, the ‘Column’ control at the bottom displays the current binding field, and allows you to choose an alternate binding. For text elements that display static text, the ‘Text’ control at the bottom allows you to modify the text contents.

Properties include font, color, alignment, format, contents, and (TextBox only) borders. You can upload an image, and set its size. You can change the style of the Separator.

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