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InetSoft's reporting software is a robust platform that allows users to localize their report pdf characters to suit regional needs. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

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How To

The TrueType font directories need to be specified in the font.truetype.path property. The property is a directory path and can contain multiple directories separated by a path separator (semicolon on Windows and colon on Unix). Only TrueType fonts on this path are used in PDF generation. In Windows NT, TrueType fonts are stored in the c:\winnt\fonts directory.

Under the UNIX platform, information about the available TrueType fonts is obtained from the '' file which is used by the JRE. As a result, if the custom installed TrueType fonts are to be used for PDF generation, then those fonts only need to be added to the file.

Type 1 fonts can also be embedded in PDF files. Type 1 font information is retrieved from AFM files. AFM is the standard font format used by Adobe to store font data. AFM Files can be downloaded from the Adobe Web site. The PDF generator uses font.afm.path to search for AFM files for a Type 1 font. Applications using Type 1 fonts need to package the AFM files with the application, and set the font.afm.path to point to the AFM directory.

The PDF generator is capable of handling CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) characters in generated PDF files. Currently supported CJK fonts include the following:


InetSoft Viewpoint

“We typically have two types of customers. The first type is the enterprise customer. They tend to be larger organizations, but they don’t necessarily have to be a Fortune 500 company, even though our customer base has 25% of the Fortune 500 companies in it. We have IBM, GE, Goldman Sachs; our customer base goes across all industries.

But typically those customers would have strong data needs. They typically have a fairly experienced team that can handle BI tools and work with data models. So that is the enterprise customer.

On the other hand we have OEM partners. Those are the people who build our business intelligence software into their software. Their software will typically be vertically oriented or address a particular business application. In this group, it also very diverse. They can be small software companies or startups, and they need a strong BI platform to support them. It can also be a very large organization such as GE Healthcare with whom we are going into some very large healthcare organizations. Their installations typically take months and costs millions of dollars, and we’re a part of that BI solution.

Our BI product line is very flexible which can serve anywhere from small and medium-sized company all the way to multinationals.” - Luke Liang, CEO

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