InetSoft Reporting Software - Report PDF Generation

InetSoft's reporting software is an effective report delivery and distribution module that allows users to generate pdf reports to enhance the dissemination of information. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

PDF is used as the standard format for saving and presenting electronic report data. It is used to deliver reports via email and to view them with the web viewer. InetSoft software uses enhanced PDF generation that allows other fonts to be embedded in the PDF file.

You can set PDF properties through the 'PDF Generation' page of the Enterprise Manager. Select 'Presentation' > 'PDF' on the navigation tree under the Server tab to access this page.

Since PDF generation is built into the report engine, there is normally no need for replets to access the PDF generator API directly. The following sections describe the properties available through the 'PDF Generation' page.

Select the 'Font Mapping' node to change the default base-14 font mapping.

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Embed PDF

If 'Embed PDF in Browser' is true, when the user clicks the PDF button in the web viewer the resulting PDF will be shown in the browser, provided that the user has the Acrobat Reader plug-in installed. This prevents the 'Open/Save' dialog from being displayed in Internet Explorer.

Open Bookmark

If 'Open Bookmark' is set to true, then all the generated PDFs will have bookmarks displayed immediately upon opening them in Adobe Acrobat.

Open Thumbnail

If 'Open Thumbnail' is set to true, then all the generated PDFs will have thumbnails displayed immediately upon opening them in Adobe Acrobat.

Note that 'Open Bookmark' and 'Open Thumbnail' are mutually exclusive properties. When both are set to true, 'Open Bookmark' takes priority and only the bookmarks will be displayed immediately after opening the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.

Keep Hyperlinks in PDF

Setting PDF option 'Keep Hyperlinks in PDF' to 'false' will turn off hyperlink generation and speed up the PDF generation process. Otherwise, the hyperlinks will be created in the resulting PDF file.

InetSoft Viewpoint

"The challenges in this context are not new. The data integration challenges are similar to what they would always be, except that they are growing in complexity, growing in magnitude. There’s really an exponential growth in data that is being collected and saved. We will see some quotes here shortly on what's happening the data silos. It isn’t just within the organization but also the customer voice coming from the Internet in the form of unstructured data, big data coming from the cloud, partner information, log files, etc. All of these add complexity, add more rigidity if you haven't started to make them flexible, and they can add high costs in maintaining them.” - Mark Flaherty, Chief Marketing Officer

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