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InetSoft's visualization driven reporting software provides executives with dynamic report presentation tools that allow data to be displayed in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

This section discusses the various features that are available for tailoring the appearance of the User Portal. The 'Presentation' > 'General' page allows the Repository to be presented in a sorted format by specifying a sorting order. If 'Sort Repository Tree' is set to none, the user can order its replets and the order will be obeyed by the Portal. You can also configure default Date and Time formats.

The 'Image Format' option determines the encoding format for graphics, such as painters (charts) displayed in the web viewer. PNG images have better quality and a smaller file size than JPEG images, but PNG images are only supported by version 4 or higher browsers.

Under the 'Presentation' node are Portal, DHTML, and PDF editing options, which allow you to configure the appearance of Portal items, presentation of web-based reports, and PDF export options, respectively.

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Enterprise Manager makes customization of the Portal interface very easy. It only involves changing the look-and-feel of the Portal page, specifying the tabs that are available to users, in case users do not require access to certain components, and specifying a welcome page. All of this can be accomplished through the nodes under the 'Presentation' > 'Portal' node on the navigation tree.

The tabs on the Portal page can be customized under this page. Administrators have the ability to add new tabs, hide one or more existing tabs, and specify the order of the tabs that are set to be visible. Additional tabs can be created by clicking on the 'Add' button and specifying the tab name and the URI for its page.

A Welcome Page is the home page appearing in the viewer frame. If unspecified, the viewer frame will remain blank. A URL or a specific resource file like an HTML or JSP file can be specified as a welcome page. The text in the HTML content of the themes can be localized by using the following tag:

$(text to be localized)#(inter)

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Customer Comment

"The more I get into it, the more capabilities I discover that allow me to organize data in ways that make the most sense to me, and excitingly, our users will be able to benefit from these same features. Additionally, Style Intelligence offers truly superior dashboard graphics. Thus, we’ll be able to provide our customers with the ability to create highly polished, professional reports." - Tadd Meyers, Business Intelligence Manager at NCN

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