Server-Side Reporting Product

InetSoft Enterprise products form a Java based server-side reporting system. This system consists of a collection of reusable server components, which can be integrated into other applications and servers, or used 'as is' to provide a complete Java reporting solution.

Using the thin client in a server-centric environment has been recognized as a solution to the increasing demand for scalability and reliability of software systems. The use of the thin client also reduces the IT systems administration effort. Many new challenges arise in this shift from the client-server based solution to a server-centric distributed computing environment.

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Two Advantages of Thin Client Reporting

First, the traditional GUI based client no longer satisfies users. When it comes to accessing information such as reports, people have come to expect the ability to do so from any browser on a corporate network, without any installation. On the other hand, given the limited functionality of today's HTML/DHTML technology, a GUI based client is still desirable in many situations where more advanced user interaction is required. To solve this dilemma, we designed Style Intelligence to handle both Java based GUI and standard HTML browser based viewing. With our advanced server reporting API, a report can be viewed from all commonly used web browsers. All user interactions with the report are handled by the report architecture and are transparent to the report developer. Programmers are set free from the complexity of diverse environments on the Internet and can concentrate on developing the business logic central to the application.

Second, the distributed computing environment demands a new approach to server side software tools. Traditional standalone servers do not work well in the new architecture. To better integrate into the overall architecture and take advantage of the distributed computing environment, a component-based design is required to provide seamless integration and a high level of scalability. InetSoft Enterprise products are designed as a set of customizable server components to fit into the modern distributed computing architecture.

The popularity of the Web also increased the demand for more interactive contents, including reports. To help developers meet this need, Style Intelligence comes with a large number of built-in features to support user interaction with reports. With the high-level user interaction API, report developers can create active reports without concern about the details of user agents or GUI presentation and layout.

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