InetSoft Product Information: Thin Client Reporting

The InetSoft Enterprise architecture boasts a feature-rich solution for thin client reporting:

•Highly configurable server components make integration with existing systems or third party application servers easy.

• Pure Java based server reporting API gives full power to the developer, eliminating the need to use a restrictive proprietary script language.

• Easy to use API removes the tedious report building process found in traditional reporting tools.

• Distributed object design fits easily in modern multi-tier architectures.

• Open Standards based architecture allows maximum compatibility with third party tools and future technologies.

• Building distributed event handling simplifies developing sophisticated interactive reports.

• Demand loading of pages reduces network traffic.

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Ease of Maintenance and Administration

The ease of maintenance and administration is an important requirement. To facilitate low cost maintenance of the server components, we use standard XML to store all structured configuration data and use standard property files to store simple configuration data. An Enterprise Manager servlet provides a web-based interface to the InetSoft environment. The Enterprise Manager facilitates the following typical administration tasks:

• Administration of XML configuration files and standard property files.

• Starting and stopping of server components, whether they are servlet, RMI or CORBA.

• Administration of scheduled tasks, as well as the starting and stopping of the schedule server.

• Administration of report Archiving capabilities.

• Packaging, deployment and registration of reports in the InetSoft server.

• Administration of users and groups defined in the default security provider.

Since all config files are text based, they can also be modified in regular plain text editors.

#1 Ranking: Read how InetSoft was rated #1 for user adoption in G2's user survey-based index Read More

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