Technology for Visual Exploration

Exploration is the key to the discovery of knowledge, and Style Intelligence’s advanced dashboards allow end-users to freely probe and experiment within an easy-to-use, self-service environment. Users can inspect their data from a variety of angles, test and validate analysis methods, and simulate hypothetical business scenarios – all without the assistance of IT staff.

Cases for Visual Exploration

Consider some of the common problems that business users face:

  • “I need to analyze data obtained from different sources in real-time, e.g., data from an Excel spreadsheet and an Oracle database.”
  • “I need to analyze live operational data, as well as historical data.”
  • “I want to view selected portions of my data, without having to continuously resubmit a set of parameters to generate new reports.”
  • “I need to analyze my data, and I understand the business, but I have no knowledge of how the data is stored.”
  • “I need to perform an interactive “What-If ” analysis on my data, i.e., change the inputs to test a hypothetical scenario.”

Style Intelligence dashboards rapidly and flexibly address all these issues, in most cases allowing users to quickly obtain the answers themselves. The self service philosophy extends even to dashboard design. Style Intelligence provides a powerful tool, the Visual Composer, that allows end-users to create and prototype their own dashboards using simple drag-and-drop operations.

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Featured Live Visual Exploration

This useful visual analysis tool illustrates the power of visual exploration. It allows users to instantly sort airports with delays from airports that are running on a normal schedule, eliminating the need to filter through dozens of attributes one must filter through on other flight delay websites.

Users are also able to filter by state, region, airport, and delay type and draw results that provide detailed delay and weather information, or a multi-dimensional map view that can be brushed for finer data detail. Finally, because the information is continuously updated, there’s never any need to filter by date or time.

“One of the nicest features of this application is the ability to filter through live data to make informed and timely decisions.” said Mark Flaherty, Vice President of Marketing at InetSoft. “It is also a core component of our full-featured business intelligence software and is well-suited for the needs of enterprises in all industries. By using this application, we foresee travelers being able to make up-to-the minute ground transportation arrangements, and even being able to decide on what to wear before getting off the plane.”

The Interactive Airport Delay Visualization has been deployed using Visualize Free, a free visual analysis tool based on the advanced commercial dashboard and visualization software developed by InetSoft. Visualize Free permits anyone to upload and sift through multi-dimensional data to spot trends and aberrations or slice and dice data with simple point-and-click methods, and gives users the option to share their visual analysis with others or keep it private. To try Visualize Free, please visit

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