BI Software Vendor Reviews

Since 1996 InetSoft has been an innovating vendor of BI software. To date, our application has been used by over 5,000 organizations across the world and has been embedded into commercial solutions of other ISVs and SaaS providers. Below you will find some comments about why they chose InetSoft:

High Value for the Total Cost of Ownership

"With InetSoft's solution, we can give easy access to all of our institution's data, enabling staff, managers, and executives to receive vital information in a much more efficient and timely manner. And with a significant reduction of IT costs, we feel that we are receiving a high value for the total cost of ownership of this technology solution." - Curt Dodds, Director of IT at Simpson University

Rich Graphical Interface

"The first thing that stood out about Style Scope was its ease of use and rich graphical interface. But what’s really making a difference for us is the ability to give our executives immediate access to specific up-to-date information that’s presented in a format that is easy to use and understand. Style Scope gives our decision-makers a better way to distinguish perceptions from reality." - Mike Grosse, Chief Technical Officer at Sullivan U

Combine Data into a Single View

"Our clients wanted something interactive, something that they could change on the fly. Also, some of our international manufacturing clients had data from multiple plants in multiple countries, so they needed something that could combine that data into a single view." - Keith Stone, COO of Intellitrends"

Save 500 Man Hours Every Year

"Prior to this report, it took one person 10 hours a week to create this information manually. With Style Intelligence, not only do we save 500 man hours every year, but the previous overseer of this process is allowed to manage other segments of business. This better time utilization is spent on projects that are more profitable for the company." - Jim Schnurr, Director of Customer Solutions at Hillcrest Foodservice

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Easier to Use

We were searching for a dashboard solution, and InetSoft was the best option. We selected InetSoft over other vendors due to our positive experience evaluating the product. InetSoft is more flexible, easier to use, and easier to develop for than other products we looked at." - A. Ozen Akyurek, General Manager of Ventura Software

A Very Powerful Tool

"With InetSoft, our users now have access to many new benefits. For instance, they can now reduce the time it takes to go from data capture to data presentation, resulting in more efficient timely reports. Additionally, we have developed connectors that speed customization and will continue to do so for each industry as we expand. Our ability to affect backend processes from report scripts provides a very powerful tool to manipulate data on the fly." - Tom Simon, CEO and President of MyiOffice

Provides Ease-Of-Use and Accessibility

"The greatest benefit from using InetSoft's Style Scope has been that all key decision makers have shared access to critical institutional data. Our users are able to customize views to their specific needs, ranging from macro to micro level access to the data and related visualizations. We were determined to identify a product that provided ease-of-use and accessibility. Additionally, InetSoft's mobile adaptability and compatibility with Mac-OS were important selection criteria." - Sherman Roberts, Business Analyst at Emory Law School

Industry-Leading Features

"Bison Analytics chose to partner with InetSoft because of their ease-of-use and industry-leading features. Now, with our partnership, we provide the tools to empower average business users to do in-depth analysis easily, without a learning curve, and without IT involvement. The true beauty of this partnership is that QuickBooks companies get real analytics and dashboards with little to no effort. Growth-centered companies can compete more effectively with the deep analytics power this partnership provides." - CEO, Kurt Steckel at Bison Analytics