Complete List of Data Connectors for Style Intelligence

This is a continuation of the transcipt of a webinar hosted by InetSoft. The speakers are Ben Williams, Marketing Manager, and Katie Roussey, Systems Engineer.

Ben: Next question is where can we find a complete list of the new data connectors for Style Intelligence?

Katie: In terms of a new list of the data connectors, I don't believe that in the actual feature listings that we have on the website, like we mentioned that we have new connectors for the different web APIs as just like a generic note, what you would want to do is you would want to either actually look to install on your local development environment actually work on the upgrade with 2020, because you would be able to just explore that data source page directly and get to know that list. However, you can see each of those data sources documented within our documentation. That is a place that you can always look to review any available data sources that are in that listing right there.

Ben: Okay, there's another question from the same person which is for web data sources, not included In the update, is there a way to connect to them without using Style Studio?

Katie: Depending on what standard that particular web service adheres to, would really dictate whether or not we would be able to connect to it out of the box.

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We do have a, what we termed a generic REST API for JSON return and REST API for XML based return that you can configure that gives you various toggles for things such as how it does paging, how that API is paging for declaring the specific endpoints for putting in the specific authentication aspects of it. However, if it is more of a custom API, such as -- if you think of Google Analytics, Google has its own API for its Google Analytics. Google has its own API for Google Sheets, so in that circumstance our generic REST connector would not be applicable. In those circumstances you can always reach out to us in terms of asking about that particular data source because we actually will be continuing to release new data sources with the next many -- we expect that this list will continue to grow as more data sources become more popular and upon request.

But we could always pursue potentially creating a custom connector depending on the situation either through services or just because we're looking to make that enhancements. Feel free to reach out and ask about any particular data source that is not in this list currently, just that we know that it's even a data source that you're interested in. Since we started with this library of data sources based off of things that have been inquired about in the past, or also ones that just seem to be popular based off of research.

Ben: Okay, someone is asking are the Data Loader and object data interface is still supported?

Katie: If you're speaking about our old Salesforce Data Loader that we provided as an out -- it was an external connection, it was an external interface that was actually doing an ETL process into a database. That particular system would be independent of the particular version of InetSoft you're running, so that would not be impacted by this. However, you can pursue using our new Salesforce connector that actually is live against the API, so that you no longer have to rely on that ETL process if you're looking to do so. Obviously, that it would take some time to work on reworking your asset, because with the API queries you need to query different components of that, and map them out in say like a worksheet in terms of bringing together some of those different API endpoints, but it is certainly something that you can pursue.

Now if we didn't quite understand what you meant by Data Loader and so on, feel free to reach out if you have specific questions even about 2020 in general. You can always send those specifically to your account manager if we didn't get your questions right here. We can look to get them addressed by an engineer about your specific implementation or if there was anything specific you have questions on because of a specific feature you're using.

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Ben: Okay another one, someone's asking, is it possible to set the default table expansion without using a script? Katie: Oh, yes, yeah so that that was something that I didn't specifically design into any of my default examples for the crosstab hierarchies. That is something that was put in place. It is something that I would think that if it was a little bit of a pain point for you in the past, in terms of utilizing hierarchies within crosstabs, I would definitely say that, get your development environment upgrades, plan your upgrade path and explore that feature on some of your existing hierarchies, get a feel for it.

Obviously, if there's any feature feedback for any of these new features that anyone has, we would always look to receive that feedback because it could be that we can further enhance these new features in future releases as well.

Ben: Okay, so that's all the questions we can take now. If you didn't hear your question addressed, we will be in touch with you via email to address it. But also, we'll be sending out an email to everyone who registered for this with a link to a video of the webinar. Also, our feature list, link to upgrade instructions and the new developer documentation. This concludes the InetSoft 2020 new release webinar. Thank you for joining us and have a great day.

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