Dashboard Provider Reviews - InetSoft

InetSoft was founded in 1996, and since then its dashboard software has been deployed at over 5,000 organizations from all parts of the world and has been embedded into solutions built by scores of technology providers targeting all types of industries. Read some testimonials to learn why they chose InetSoft:

Still Looking to Find Things I Don't Like

“I have been using this product for almost 2 years, and I find it simple to use and gives reliable results. I recently had a team trying to create a report for 2 weeks with another BI product. Since they couldn't build what they needed they came back to me. I was able to get it for them in less than a day with InetSoft. This has been a common theme here. I am a one person team getting reports to the business faster than the multiple person BI team can create them. I love this product!” - Steven Breisch, Integration Architect at Sompo Holdings. “

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The Reporting System That Won Against 50 Others

"I initially started out looking for a reporting system to meet our specific needs. We had been using Zoho CRM and Zoho Reports. Zoho Reports has a lot of features for being so cheap, however, we wanted to design our own CRM dashboards with SuiteCRM. This meant we would need to switch to something that had a lot of the capabilities of larger enterprise solution reporting systems, but with a small company price tag. I evaluated over 50+ reporting solutions such as Qlikview, Report Plus, Tableau, BIME, and Yellowfin to name a few. This one beat them all, it has a complexity that reminds me of Qlikview without the 3 Months of training required." - Josh Whitlow, IT Director at American Alternative Investments

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Read how InetSoft was rated #1 for user adoption in G2 Crowd's user survey-based index.

Great Setup, Training, and Support

"InetSoft is great! The system is user friendly. Clear and functional dashboards. Likes Best: Product is great. Have various features that could be used. Setup and training was great! Great support. Likes Least: N/A - I have nothing to say in regards to dislikes." - Denise Ramos, Applications - Project Manager at RiverSpring Living

A Top Notch Solution

“The product has many great features. The vendor is always available to help with implementation, technical support and enhancements. The product is reasonably priced. No dislikes; just anxious to see more capabilities and enhancements be added to future releases. We conducted a pretty extensive market research for our customers and users and evaluated several products before selecting InetSoft's solution. For our requirements and for our budget, InetSoft was the clear winner.” - Hadi Rezazad, CEO at Orchid Tech

Great Product, Great Experience

"InetSoft is very responsive. We have had great interactions with the team, and the training is comprehensive. At this time we are very happy and have nothing we dislike. We guarantee you will discover many things and how powerful their tools are when you dedicate the time to the end to end training." – Brian Hayes, Associate Director, Implementation & Sales Engineering at DataPath

Rich Functionality, Powerful Graphics

“Likes Best: The look and feel, ease of use, user friendliness, Rich functionality, open systems standards, ability to create dashboards with actionable triggers and support for decision making for all personnel (staff, engineers, managers and executives). Likes Least: The OEM / white labeling integration progress is relatively good but can use improvement” - Sam Zamani, CEO at IMCI