Dashboard Product Reviews

InetSoft was founded in 1996, and since then its dashboard application has been deployed at over 5,000 organizations from all parts of the world and has been embedded into solutions built by scores of technology providers targeted at any type of industry. See below some testimonials about why they chose InetSoft:

Saving a Solid 50 Hours a Week

“InetSoft is helping us to close the door on manual touches by providing a robust and dynamic dashboarding platform for automation and optimization. With InetSoft’s tool, we’re expecting to save a solid 50 hours a week on report generation alone.” - John Miller, Director of Business Solutions at TSG. “

Don’t Need External IT Support

“I love the ability to extract data from homogeneous or heterogeneous data sources and transform the data in a usable, internal table, without requiring external IT support teams to integrate and build custom database tables for the integrated data we need for processing. We use InetSoft for tracking and trending software defects for a large number of business units, using a common engineering process for teams that have different rules for tracking the same defects. We also track continuous delivery process and build integration using this tool.” - Jeff Besch, Senior Principal Engineer at Broadcom

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Reliable, Powerful, and User Friendly

"The product has rich functionality along with open systems standards that enables the creation of useful and pragmatic decision making dashboards for different tiers of organizational staff and management personnel alike. The support for the process is relatively mature and reliable. Plan for as much training as you can up front. Use the mentoring service from InetSoft. It is extremely helpful in kick starting your efforts." - Sam Zamani, CEO at IMCI

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Advanced Business Dashboard Tools

"With InetSoft, we are able to provide our customers with additional advanced business dashboard tools to analyze data and make better business decisions. This strengthens the solutions we are able to offer P&C and workers’ compensation insurers." - Priscilla Hung, Vice President of Alliances at Guidewire Software

Really Powerful

“I was wondering if the design of my databases would make sense to a management kind of person, who would be using them for ad hoc information access via dashboards. But InetSoft’s logical models enable me to map different attributes by ids as opposed to embedding the actual text of the table column. So I now have the freedom to design my databases with traditional relational structures and then substitute those attributes in by mapping to their corresponding values in the underlying tables. That’s really powerful.” - Jim Balint, Director of Technology at Whitebridge Financial

By Far The Best

"I spent months looking for the best dashboard/reporting app to suit my business. I literally tried and tested every application out there and I have to say that the Style Intelligence App is by far the best. It is simple to use and it is absolutely brilliant if you are needing dashboards on custom objects. Jay and the support team are extremely helpful, they make sure that every question I have is answered in a timely fashion. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a reporting/dashboard product. Well done Style Intelligence!" – Jacki Ames, Director at Kangaroo Photos

Deployed Within One Afternoon

“We had previously selected another BI solution, however delays in the installation process coupled with insufficient documentation curtailed our confidence in its efficiency. We decided to give InetSoft another look, and were pleased when were able to deploy the solution within one afternoon. Another deciding factor in our decision to go with Style Intelligence was ease of installation and setup.” - Eric Jamieson, Director of Business Intelligence at Underground Elephant