Choosing InetSoft Style Intelligence Over Klipfolio

When deciding which Business Intelligence (BI) software is best, the choice may be rather difficult, especially with so many options. In addition to experts and thought leaders in the field, reading reviews written by everyday users of a particular BI platform is a great way to help narrow the decision. When recently placed head to head in ratings by research firm G2 Crowd, InetSoft outranked BI provider Klipfolio in a majority of categories. This page will provide a breakdown of the various categories in which InetSoft outranked Klipfolio.

A good BI platform will provide business users with an intuitive, easy-to-read, easy-to-use tool for monitoring their activities. When visual analytics are created properly the users are treated to highly balanced visualizations and data to enable the objectives of the organization. The Rating section of the G2 Crowd endorses just that, where InetSoft won over Klipfolio in Meets Requirements, Ease of Use and Ease of Setup. The overall majority of the Ratings were dominated by InetSoft, which comes as no surprise as InetSoft's core objective is to implement BI software in an effortless and trouble-free way.

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A Klipfolio Alternative with Better Self-Service

To maximize competitiveness, enterprises have to adopt ways in which business users can quickly and easily get the required information. This can be made possible only when business users can get rich, right, and real information as easily as they get information from a Google search. The G2 crowd reviews rated InetSoft Style Intelligence higher than Klipfolio as it helps enterprises achieve their goals with a maximum Self-Service mission. In the category of Self Service, InetSoft won over Klipfolio in Calculated Fields, Data Column Filtering, Data Discovery, Search and Collaboration/Workflow. InetSoft's BI product eliminates inordinate delay in decision-making and extra dependencies on IT. This has reduced the overall cost of business intelligence resulting in lower operating costs, increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and most importantly a better climate among employees of an organization - both in IT and in the business.

The unique data mashup feature of Style Intelligence makes it possible to combine any type of data into one visualization. Users create data mashups through InetSoft's data block, enabling fields from different data sources to be joined together in a Lego-like block fashion, with a few clicks of a mouse. Advantages like these are what brought InetSoft winning ratings in Data Transformation, Data Modeling, and WYSIWYG Report Design under the Building Reports category.

List of Parameters where InetSoft was Evaluated Higher than Klipfolio

The detailed list of categories & parameters where InetSoft Style Intelligence scored over Klipfolio is presented below. Please click here or the G2 logo to go over the individual reviews.

  • Meets Requirements
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Setup

  • Platform
  • Sandbox/Test Environments
  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Self Service
  • Calculated Fields
  • Data Column Filtering
  • Data Discovery
  • Search
  • Collaboration/Workflow
  • Building Reports
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Modeling
  • WYSIWYG Report Design

  • Reports & Advanced Analytics
  • Steps to Answer
  • Big Data Services
  • InetSoft Strengthens Information Delivery and Analysis of an Enterprise

    InetSoft was also found to be better in the Steps to Answer parameter, in the Report category, in Big Data Services and in the Advanced Analytics category. These real G2 crowd ratingsshowcase Inetsoft's strength for delivering information and analysis. Style Intelligence software uses a visual approach to build reports and visualizations, allowing complex views to be built with a simple drag and drop user interface. Once IT has completed the initial steps of defining data sources, business users can create their own worksheets, which contain combined fields from multiple data sources.

    InetSoft's software can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and can also be accessed remotely from any workplace. InetSoft exceeded Klipfolio in Sandbox/Test Environments, and User, Role and Access Management which were measured under the Platform category.

    InetSoft helps Automate Business Monitoring and Management

    As an enterprise grows, so does its need for report making software that will automate business monitoring and management. Better sales numbers, more salespeople, more clients and accounts to manage also means more products to ship and track, more employee information to file, and more daily variables to react to.

    InetSoft designed Style Intelligence is a responsive, effortless, report making BI platform that helps an enterprise build informative reports immediately. Its dashboard systems user interface allows for the production of intricate affiliation and performance metrics in a simple to understand and easy process. This greatly reduces the learning curve for all those involved while still providing an effective means of expressing important data. InetSoft offers the most efficient tool to help business users reach that end and meet the needs of companies of any size and industry.

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