Comparing InetSoft Style Intelligence to SAP Business Objects

There is not one single parameter that defines a good Business Intelligence (BI) tool, and this is what makes ranking and comparing BI tools more challenging. G2 Crowd, the world's leading software review platform, has compiled extensive user reviews for a broad variety of BI tools.

A comparison between InetSoft's Style Intelligence and SAP Business Objects was done based on peer reviews in 6 broad categories - Ratings, Reports, Self Service, Advanced Analytics, Building Reports and Platform. Each category was further divided under various parameters and measured in detail and the Style Intelligence was the clear winner, beating SAP Business Objects on 30 out of 31 metrics.

Why are these reviews of G2 crowd critical? The new frontier of data science (DS) is opening a new world of intelligence. The ability to process a great amount of data of ever expanding variety is within reach for many, thanks to low-cost cloud computing and open source technology. Machines with advanced learning algorithms are extracting intelligence autonomously, but the insight rewards of data science are hard to access for non-technical users.

InetSoft's visual analytics software has changed all that by putting tools in the hands of non-technical users, providing the ability to explore and ask questions of data without any outside help from IT.

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An Alternative to SAP Business Objects

In the category of general ratings, InetSoft won over SAP Business Objects in Meets Requirements, Ease of Use, Ease of Setup, Ease of Admin, Quality of Support, Ease of Doing Business With, and Product Direction (% positive). These high marks come as no surprise, as making BI easy to implement and use is a central aspect of InetSoft's core mission.

Reports provide particular information that businesses need in order to run effectively and efficiently. Report information is to be presented in easy to read charts that display data in ways that non technical users can understand. Most management dashboards combine multiple charts and text KPIs to give an overall picture of how the business is doing. The G2 crowd comparison between InetSoft and SAP place InetSoft's capability to deliver value where parameters like Graphs and Charts, Dashboards, Scorecards, Report Interface, and Steps to Answer were evaluated.

The Self Service Category measured the following parameters - Calculated Fields, Data Column Filtering, Data Discovery, Search, Collaboration/Workflow and Automodeling. InetSoft won 6 out of 6 parameters in this category. With traditional BI software, business users have had to rely heavily on IT to get access to information to make business decisions. This not only causes inordinate delays in decision-making, but also places extra dependencies on IT, increasing the overall cost of doing BI.

InetSoft's BI platforms strengths in the above mentioned functionalities allow business users to access and work with data analytics by generating custom reports and analytical queries without the help of the IT department. This allows IT departments to focus on other tasks at hand. This is how InetSoft's Style Intelligence can help organizations make better decisions and operate more efficiently.

List of Areas Where InetSoft Delivers Value Over SAP Business Objects

The detailed list of categories & parameters where InetSoft Style Intelligence scored over SAP Business Objects is presented below. Please click here or the G2 logo to go over the individual reviews.

Self Service
  • Calculated Fields
  • Data Column Filtering
  • Data Discovery
  • Search
  • Collaboration/Workflow
  • Automodeling

  • Platform
  • Customization
  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Performance and Reliability
  • Breadth of Partner Applications
  • Reports
  • Reports Interface
  • Steps to Answer
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Score Cards
  • Dashboards

  • Building Reports
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Modeling
  • WYSIWYG Report Design
  • Integration APIs
  • Ratings
  • Meets Requirements
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Setup
  • Ease of Admin
  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Doing Business With
  • Product Direction (% Positive)

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Big Data Services
  • InetSoft's Data Block Technology & Ready to Access Connectors

    InetSoft also outperformed SAP Business Objects in Data Visualization and Big Data Services. InetSoft's robust data access engine can access disparate sources directly, whether a data warehouse or excel spreadsheet. It is this ability to readily access any data source with special connectors for Hadoop, Cloudera, Spark and other Big Data sources, that put InetSoft over the top in Big Data Services.

    What is InetSoft's data block technology? It's a technology that displays the data being queried from the database visually in the form of a block while hiding the SQL query that is being run in the background. These data blocks can be created with a few clicks of a mouse and carry the ability to join fields from disparate data sources into a new combined data source. Incredibly, the user needs no knowledge of SQL to do these actions.

    Transforming raw data into visually intelligible information is naturally an iterative, incremental process of data manipulation and visualization. InetSoft's intertwined, on-the-fly data modeling and data view building experience ensures highly productive development. Built-in data mashup for disparate data sources makes all type of cloud and on-premise data easily accessible.

    The reporting capabilities of InetSoft's Style Intelligence were compared with SAP's Business Objects and the evaluation went in favor of InetSoft in the Building Reports category, the winning fields being Data Transformation, Data Modeling, WYSIWYG Report Design and Integration APIs. The positive G2 user reviews highlight InetSoft's self service of allowing business users to combine data from disparate sources, without the need for formal data models being pre-defined.

    End User Self Service Information Management Made Easy

    InetSoft's reporting software is a sophisticated, 100% web-based Java reporting tool suitable for organizations seeking production reports, interactive reports, ad hoc reports, and more. Plus, the software is easy to use! It has a simple point and click environment, and the ability to grab data from any location in any format.

    These features are evident in the ratings InetSoft recieved in G2's Platform category, where Style Intelligence was rated better on Customization, User, Role, and Access Management, Performance and Reliability and Breadth of Partner Applications.

    Inetsoft's security control down to the data cell level for users, roles and groups and the ability to offer bursting and scheduled reports for faster processing times are some of the benefits that InetSoft users wrote of in their reviews. These capabilities of InetSoft have also been recognized by the Java Developers Journal Readers Choice Award for the Best Java Reporting Tool.

    InetSoft's Style Intelligence is versatile and has been applied across many industries, business functions, and departments. It is an operational Business Intelligence product with a powerful, yet flexible data mashup engine & built in connectors for any external data source. It provides a visualization-driven approach to reporting, dashboards, and visual analysis, all in a single small footprint deployment. Style Intelligence is well-suited to any big data environments and gives you the maximum flexibility to deliver easy end-user self-service information management. To learn more about InetSoft's performance in G2 Crowd's user reviews, please click the link below.

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