Interactive Visualization Gallery

Click on an image to demo an interactive visualization. These interactive dashboards allow you to get a feel for how easy it to use InetSoft's visualization software.

Call Center Rep Dashboard

Call Center Rep Dashboard

This interactive dashboard helps call center managers supervise their customer service reps. An agent status chart shows, in real time, who is on the phone and for how long.

Multi-dimensional Analysis

Multi-dimensional Analysis Dashboard

This multidimensional analysis of United States census data uses fill and color to add two extra dimensions to it's main chart. A drop down list with 5 different measures to plot by fill adds another level of interactivity.

Real Estate Dev Dashboard

Real Estate Development Dashboard

This dashboard gives property developers an overview of construction projects, including costs, timeliness, and worker safety. Drildown buttons on the Revenue by Quarter chart enables the user to pinpoint periods of high and low activity.

Airport Status Visualization

Airport Status Visualization

This airport status visualization pulls in live flight and weather daya in real-time. Interactive selection lists range all the way from general region to specific airport, allowing the user to view the data as granularly as they would like.

Medical Office Visualization

Medical Office Visualization

This medical office visualization displays the most common mortality causes by various demographics, including race, age, and sex. Interactive filters for all of these attributes allow providers to zero in on the top risk factors for their particular patients.

Weather Map Visualization

Weather Map Visualization

This weather map visualization tracks the path of hurricanes over 25 years. Having two identical map charts side by side, with independent interactivity, makes it easy to compare one year to another.

Efficiency Analysis

Efficiency Analysis Visualization

This visualization displaying the fuel efficiancy of various vehicles once again displays the utility of having color as an extra dimension. A radio button changes the means by which efficiency is measured, enabling a simpler, clearer dashboard layout.

World Freedom Visualization

World Freedom Visualization Example

This interactive visualization comparing tolerance with economic freedom combines the best of both world by using both map charts and a multidimensional bubble chart. The addition of color and sizing on the bubble charts results in a total of four measures displayed in a single chart, allowing complex sociological patterns to be explored.

OLAP Visualization

OLAP Visualization Example

This alternate version of the fuel efficiency analysis highlights how bar chart elements can be incorporated into tables. This crosstab table displays the individual vehicles efficiency ratings sorted neatly in a hierarchy of brand, style, number of cylinders, and fuel type.