Interactive Visualization Dashboard Examples

Data dashboards allow you to quickly view KPIs for different departments within your organization. They're also useful when you need to compare how well each department is performing against its goals. Click on an image to open one of these live interactive dashboards in a new tab. These industry specific visualization dashboards allow you to get a feel for how easy it to use InetSoft's data dashboard software.

Marketing Campaigns

Interactive Marketing Campaign Dashboard Example

This marketing lead trend dashboard gives marketing managers the metrics they need to monitor sales pipelines and optimize strategy. Lead count and source are tracked as well as conversion rates, with monthly change highlighted based on slider selection.

Service Operations

Customer Service Operations Dashboard Example

This operations dashboards lets customer service managers see who's handling the most calls and who might need some attention. This visualization refreshes with live data ever 30 seconds, giving an overview of current calls in real time.

Worker Safety

Worker Safety Dashboard Example

This worker safety dashboard gives a high level view of construction accidents as well as basic revenue and payroll. Accidents are broken down by company role as well as by state.

Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare Informatics Dashboard Example

This healthcare informatics visualization details the most common causes of death for every demographic segment. Healthcare providers can use this visualization to supplement analysis of an individual's case history, weighing the patients symptoms against the most common mortality causes of their individual population segment, steering extended care.

NGO - Not for Profit

Interactive NGO Dashboard Example

This visualized comparison of global tolerance and poverty is an example of the kind of research that nonprofits and NGOs can use visualization for. The dashboard also displays population and population density, allowing nuance to be brought into the sociological analysis.

Tech Support

Tech Support Dashboard Example

This tech center dashboard shows which teams are pulling their weight and which ones are lagging. A red highlight provides easy comparison to goals that can be adjusted via slider as initiatives progress.

Spatial Analysis

Spatial Analysis Dashboard Example

This storm tracking dashboard is an example of how map charts can provide insight into spatial phenomena. The two map charts operate independently with their own filters, allowing for easy comparison of year to year.

Sales Performance

Sales Performance Dashboard Example

This sales performance dashboard gives a high level overview to executives monitoring inventory and sales performance. Profit and price are also detailed, covering basic accounting needs as well as sales.

Data Exploration

Data Exploration Dashboard Example

This visual exploration of United States census data demonstrates the flexibility offered by multidimensional charting. In addition to population and median income on the x and y axes, region and property value are displayed using color and fill.

Financial Management

Financial Management Dashboard Example

This interactive financial management report can help bank managers identify their most valuable customer demographics. The sunburst chart on the top right is an effective way to show how different customer segments relate to each other.

Claims Analytics

Claims Analytics Dashboard Example

This insurance claims analytics dashboard helps insurance adjusters estimate risk based on demographic factors. Monitoring claims by date helps accounting keep sufficient liquid cash on hand for payouts.

Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis Dashboard Example

This performance analysis of different car makes and models can help auto buyers make better decisions. The text KPIs displaying industry averages help add context to the stats of individual vehicles.

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