Corporate Dashboard Examples

Most people would never drive a car without a dashboard because it’s dangerous and there is no way of knowing that you will make it to your destination. The same applies for running your business. Corporate dashboards help you monitor your company and navigate the uncertain business terrain.

Successful business leaders understand that in order to continue growing, setting objectives and measuring performance is essential. As an innovator in reporting software since 1996, InetSoft has pioneered the evolution from static reporting towards interactive visualization of data via dashboards.

This page contains screenshots of corporate dashboard examples built with InetSoft's drag and drop dashboard software. Click on the screenshots to get a closer look.

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A Second Corporate Dashboard Example

Lead Supply Dashboard

For businesses that generate numerous reports in multiple departments, gathering and analyzing all the data is critical for success. An effective corporate dashboard is an important tool that enables leaders to view the big picture of their company in an instant.

InetSoft's award winning corporate dashboards put Key Performance Indicators right at your fingertips. Click on the screenshot to the left to see InetSoft's solution up-close.

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