Dashboard Reporting Case Studies from InetSoft

Read about dashboard reporting case studies. Hear how companies give their executives performance management dashboards and interactive reports. Read how others use data mashup functionality to unify disparate data sources to provide comprehensive dashboard reporting. All of them leverage InetSoft's business intelligence technology to derive intelligence from their data.

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Dashboard Reporting Example for Efficiency

Automating Reports

NCN selected InetSoft’s Style Intelligence in order to find savings opportunities and provide automated reports to clients externally. NCN is the national leader in cost management for out-of-network claims and network enhancement and uses cost-based data and transparent reporting to maximize savings on healthcare claims.

The company listed the ease of use, drag-and-drop interface, automated reporting, and superior dashboards as deciding factors in their selection of Style Intelligence. Speaking of the the drag-and-drop feature for putting together a data query, they found that other solutions require writing code which can take two to three hours to design reports, compared to ten to fifteen minutes with Style Intelligence.

Users have also been impressed by the array of custom dashboard features and the superior dashboard graphics. As a result NCN has been able to provide their customers with the ability to create highly polished, professional reports.

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Integrating InetSoft's Dashboard and Visualization Layer

generationE, a provider of IT operations solutions, selected InetSoft’s dashboard reporting software, Style Scope, to provide the dashboard and visualization layer for generationE TECHNOLOGIES’s IT operations automation application. This application is an innovative wiki-based runbook automation system that helps capture and automate best practices for IT operations. Out-of-the-box, the application can automate as much as 85% of an organization’s IT operations processes, with the remainder supported by customization capabilities. The application’s business benefits are improved operating expense efficiencies due to reductions in time spent by expensive subject matter experts manually performing routine IT administration or troubleshooting tasks, and from lower training time for new IT operations staff.

InetSoft’s dashboard reporting software became the visualization layer to the application for monitoring the recent and historical performance of automated processes, saving users the effort of charting and analyzing log data in external reporting systems. Style Scope’s built-in drill-through functions have permitted users to click directly from an alert displayed on a monitoring dashboard into the application's root cause analysis function, which has sped up resolution times and increased system uptime. An executive dashboard keeps track of the times newly automated processes have run, and based on manpower cost savings, generates a running return on investment (ROI) for the runbook application.

The runbook application is the answer to controlling spiraling business operating costs resulting from managing technology infrastructure, and adding InetSoft’s polished, Flash-based dashboard visualization technology has been a welcome addition for both the operations users of the application as well as for the managers who made the investment decision to acquire it. Other aspects that made InetSoft stand out from the many options evaluated were the ease of integration with the application and the level of support InetSoft offered early in the proof-of-concept stage.

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“We evaluated many reporting vendors and were most impressed at the speed with which the proof of concept could be developed. We found InetSoft to be the best option to meet our business requirements and integrate with our own technology.”
- John White, Senior Director, Information Technology at Livingston International

True North Consulting & Associates Inc. (TNC), a provider of healthcare technology solutions, selected InetSoft’s dashboard reporting software, Style Scope, to power the user configurable report solution in its SaaS-based diagnostic imaging operations application. The company's utilization software automatically collects and integrates real-time disparate data from various hospital systems to create a unified monitoring system, providing valuable up-to-the-minute insight into diagnostic imaging (DI) operations.

With the availability of real-time key performance indicators for each DI modality device accompanied by a suite of institution-specific reports, users are better able to identify and address operational performance issues. In addition, consolidation of accurate information permits well informed, evidence-based decisions about workflow and process changes that can increase department productivity. An added benefit is that senior hospital administrators are able to compare their own DI operational benchmarks with other hospitals through the inter-hospital benchmarking function.

Among the reasons for selecting InetSoft’s reporting functionality, powerful data mashup capabilities were a pre-requisite given the unification of disparate data sources that the application performs. Beyond other technical reasons including the platform being Java-based and permitting rapid integration, InetSoft’s reporting solution stood out from others that were evaluated in the area of ease-of-use. For end-users of the application, such as clinicians and hospital administrators, who are not business intelligence experts, interacting with, and even designing new report templates had to be intuitive and user-friendly, and InetSoft proved to be the best choice.

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Simplifying Client Reporting

Livingston International, a leading North American provider of customs brokerage, transportation and integrated logistics services. Livingston International chose InetSoft’s Style Report Enterprise to provide Web-based reporting capabilities to its own Web-based suite of applications. Livingston serves the customs brokerage and customs compliance needs of over 30,000 companies worldwide, and provides them with real-time online access to run queries, print reports, and download information needed to manage costs and build customs compliance audit trails, creation of accurate and compliant export documents, automated customs status updates for shipments in real-time, and viewing of import document images immediately upon processing.

The company sought an improved reporting solution that would simplify its clients’ use of the Insight application further in the area of reporting. InetSoft’s reporting software has simplified users’ abilities to run queries, prints reports, and download all the information needed to manage costs and build customs compliance audit trails. Users also have that information pushed automatically to them on a scheduled basis. Among other new options are additional formatted reports and automated data file outputs in Excel format.

Chief among the reasons InetSoft’s Style Report Enterprise was selected over the alternatives, were time to market and compatibility with Livingston’s application suite. Livingston required single-sign, Java-based technology, and sophisticated user permission hierarchies. Many reporting vendors were evaluated and what impressed thed evaluators was the speed with which the proof of concept could be developed. InetSoft was found to be the best option to meet the business requirements and integrate with the company's own technology.

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