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Read about satisfied business intelligence customers and how organizations are using business intelligence solutions. Some provide their managers performance management dashboarding. Others use data mashup technology to combine disparate data sources to provide comprehensive dashboard reporting. All of them leverage InetSoft's business intelligence technology to derive intelligence from their data.

Customer Survey Dashboards

Morpace Inc. selected InetSoft’s Style Intelligence to provide the visualization and reporting layer for their customer relationship and transaction survey solutions. Based in Farmington Hills, Mich., Morpace is ranked in the Honomichl Top 50 by Marketing News as one of the 50 largest market research firms in the United States. Morpace offers a range of custom services such as brand and communications, consumer choice, market and product development, and satisfaction and loyalty to a global client base.

The information visualization and reporting technology of Style Intelligence that is embedded in Morpace’s Web-based market research platform has deliver insights gained from customer satisfaction feedback surveys to the front line staff at major retailers who in turn have been able to take immediate action when and where it matters most, in the store. The company cited the ease of development, the report user interface, security features, and total cost of ownership as factors in Morpace’s selection of InetSoft’s enterprise class BI platform.

The data modeler, data mashup and reporting interfaces are designed for the skill sets of each area of expertise. The modeler is familiar for database designers with a strong DBA background, while the reporting tools are appropriate for creative users designing report aesthetics. Rather than develop different reports and portals for each user group, the built-in report security has allowed the company to securely deliver the feedback to the appropriate areas - a timesaving benefit that developers have greatly appreciated.

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Interactive Financial Dashboards

PlainsCapital Corporation selected InetSoft’s Style Scope to allow executives to track key internal performance metrics and customer activity by way of real-time data visualization and interactive financial dashboards. PlainsCapital is one of the largest independent financial institutions in the United States providing a broad range of sophisticated banking and financial services to middle market businesses, high net worth individuals, public sector entities, institutional investors, broker-dealers, investment advisors, community banks, small businesses and retail customers.

The company chose Style Scope for its impressive user-friendly, HTML5-based reporting interface, wherein visual analysis can be constructed by dropping data items into visual elements such as charts, metrics and selections. Another deciding factor was the flexible SOA and Java architecture which allows access to virtually any type of database. With InetSoft application, the company has built an advanced management reporting dashboard system. They have been able to put key metrics in front of their executives in a concise and powerful format in order to get managers to focus on profitability drivers. In addition, the system has greatly enhanced the ease with which managers can access vital information.

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Executive Management Dashboards

SUNRx selected InetSoft’s Style Scope for internal use by various departments and the executive management team. The pharmacy technology and services provider uses InetSoft's interactive dashboard software to track industry specific KPIs such as prescription rejection rates as well as traditional financial metrics such as account receivables.

The enterprise-wide deployment of Style Scope has accommodated comprehensive information ‘dashboarding’ and reporting, spanning multiple data sources and applications including: Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, and Sage SalesLogix. The ability to create integrated performance metrics dashboards from disparate data sources, and an easier-to-use self-service reporting tool, were key drivers for this business intelligence project. Additionally, SUNRx sought a visual analysis tool that could perform OLAP analysis, but would not require the skills and overhead of a team of database analysts.

The company has been impressed with the visual appeal and ease-of-use of the interactive dashboarding software. They have also found InetSoft to be a flexible solution — an important feature to a fast growing company like SUNRx. Reason for selecting InetSoft included the cross platform data access, deployment options, including potential integration into other Web-based applications, and the flexibility of software licensing terms.

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Business Performance Monitoring Dashboards

Innovative Livestock Services (ILS) has selected InetSoft’s Style Intelligence in order to monitor business performance and manage the healthy growth of cattle. The united group of feedlots has a long-standing tradition of service and quality and a combined feeding capacity in excess of 115k cattle, making it one of the largest cattle feeding groups in the nation. The company found that InetSoft's business intelligence solution had several technical advantages over competing options. Specifically, the ability to easily pull data from multiple and unrelated data sources, powerful HTML5-based dashboard elements, and the platform independence through Java technology made Style Intelligence an attractive option.

One of the biggest benefits they have found is the ability to react more quickly to potential problems that affect the company's bottom line by alerting managers to crucial information on a real-time basis. This has allowed them to respond very quickly to opportunities and take a more proactive approach to management. In addition to tracking financial data in real-time, they have created interactive dashboards which have been used to identify and prevent health issues at the early stages.

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