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Read about the benefits of business intelligence. Hear how organizations are using business intelligence solutions. Some provide their managers performance management dashboarding. Others use data mashup technology to combine disparate data sources to provide comprehensive dashboard reporting. All of them leverage InetSoft's business intelligence technology to derive intelligence from their data.

Nebraska Educational Service Unit #1 selected InetSoft’s business intelligence software. The state organized support agency uses InetSoft’s Style Scope business intelligence application to gain advanced analytics and reporting on student performance and programs run by the special education department.

Style Scope is an edition of the InetSoft business intelligence software application, Style Intelligence, that allows organizations to gain better insight from their operational data stores and data warehouses using interactive, web-based analytical and monitoring dashboards and drillable, flexibly designed reports. The application includes a drag-and-drop self-service custom dashboard and report designer that facilitates rapid deployment requiring minimal training.

In addition to providing more visually compelling operational dashboards, the application also enables sophisticated, but intuitive, visual analysis with a multi-dimensional charting engine and point and click input controls such as filter box lists, drop-down selection lists, and range sliders.

While the majority of buyers of business intelligence software may be for-profit corporations, many not-for-profit organizations recognize the need for advanced information management solutions, as well.

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The Nebraska Educational Service Unit #1 (ESU #1) is one such organization. Like commercial users, storing and managing data is just the beginning of their information management needs. Reporting, performance management, and trends analysis are what bring intelligence and value to any information management solution, including ESU #1’s. ESU #1 provides a host of services to kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools in northeast Nebraska ranging from equipment and IT services to staff development to therapy and educational programs for handicapped children.

The special education department offers a variety of services and programs to assist children such as audiology, deaf education, and post-graduation transition. The staff now is able to take student data from a variety of different sources and combine them in a meaningful way. The goal of this activity is to measure the department’s own performance and identify strengths and weaknesses in particular programs.

Prior to using InetSoft’s business intelligence system, the limited visibility into such data made doing such analysis an ad hoc and arduous process at best. The need was recognized for more advanced reporting and analytics. A handful of options were evaluated and ultimately InetSoft was chosen because it could be integrated into other Web-based systems and because it proved to be the most cost-effective solution in the long-run.

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AmberPoint, the leading provider of solutions for governing and managing composite applications embedded InetSoft's Web-based reporting application, Style Report™ Enterprise, into their suite of applications. AmberPoint manages the health and well-being of distributed enterprise applications. Its software products enable organizations to better understand system behavior, manage each transaction flowing across their distributed environments, and implement policies that automate performance management, remedy exceptional conditions and uphold security.

InetSoft's Style Report™ Enterprise is an edition of Style Intelligence, InetSoft's business intelligence software platform, that focuses on enterprise reporting and performance management. Providing production reports, interactive reports and ad hoc reports in a zero client, Web environment, the application's small footprint, 100% Java, pure Web architecture delivers an embedding and integration-ready platform.

As a J2EE drop-in Web application, Style Report Enterprise not only integrates with the Web user interface, it also leverages the same application server platform as that of the embedding application. Style Report Enterprise also includes a robust data access engine based on InetSoft's patent-pending Data Block™ technology, which enables direct access to disparate data sources and flexible, powerful data transformation such as the unique ability of end-user defined data mashup.

InetSoft's Style Report Enterprise was selected for its powerful and flexible application programming interface and for the light weight of the Web-based information access and presentation application. Months of development time associated with initial internal development were saved, and applications were able to be launched faster than if the reporting solution were developed in-house.

Read what InetSoft customers and partners have said about their selection of Style Scope for their solution for dashboard reporting.

SUNRx selected InetSoft’s Style Scope for internal use by various departments and the executive management team. The pharmacy technology and services provider uses InetSoft's interactive dashboard software to track industry specific KPIs such as prescription rejection rates as well as traditional financial metrics such as account receivables.

The enterprise-wide deployment of Style Scope has accommodated comprehensive information ‘dashboarding’ and reporting, spanning multiple data sources and applications including: Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, and Sage SalesLogix. The ability to create integrated performance metrics dashboards from disparate data sources, and an easier-to-use self-service reporting tool, were key drivers for this business intelligence project. Additionally, SUNRx sought a visual analysis tool that could perform OLAP analysis, but would not require the skills and overhead of a team of database analysts.

The company has been impressed with the visual appeal and ease-of-use of the interactive dashboarding software. They have also found InetSoft to be a flexible solution — an important feature to a fast growing company like SUNRx. Reason for selecting InetSoft included the cross platform data access, deployment options, including potential integration into other Web-based applications, and the flexibility of software licensing terms.

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FPX, the leading provider of multi-tenant, on-demand Configure-Price-Quote® applications, embedded Syle Report Professional, in its configuration and pricing application. FPX's solution automates and simplifies product pricing and configuration processes for enterprises with complex product configuration options and pricing rules. The company's solution provides a rapid return on investment through improved order accuracy, improved proposal generation time and high user acceptance.

InetSoft's Style Report Professional reporting software is an application that is part of Style Intelligence, the company's business intelligence application that enable enterprises and ISVs to deliver publishing and visualization solutions for organizations in any industry. Style Report Professional includes a reporting engine, API, and WYSIWYG, scriptable, professional authoring environment. The software allows IT professionals to create sophisticated production reports that can be deployed for server based, or desktop based applications.

The small footprint and 100% Java architecture makes it an ideal solution for embedded reporting. Based upon XML, JavaScript, and other open standards technology the reporting application allows developers to fully leverage existing skills. Style Report also includes a robust data access engine based on InetSoft's patent-pending Data Block™ technology, which enables direct access to disparate data sources and flexible, powerful data transformation such as the unique ability of end-user defined data mashup.

InetSoft's Style Report Professional was selected because it is a time-tested, dependable publishing engine. With experience, the company has found its powerful, yet easy-to-use report designer has saved significant resources associated with internal development of publishing capabilities and client customization requests. In addition, the compay has found InetSoft's Java-based publishing solution to be easily integrated with their own Web-based application. They were pleased with the ease and speed of deployment as well as the reporting software's part in their ability to help companies of all sizes realize cost reduction and revenue acceleration associated with critical configuration and accurate quoting solutions.

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