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Read about business intelligence usage stories. Hear how companies give their executives performance management dashboards. Read how others use data mashup functionality to unify disparate data sources to provide comprehensive dashboard reporting. All of them leverage InetSoft's business intelligence technology to derive intelligence from their data.

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Great productivity enhancer

DSI, the premier provider of technology and services that empower HR organizations to deliver measurable value to the business, integrated the reporting and analysis technology found in InetSoft's flagship business intelligence software application Style Intelligence into its line of solutions aimed at HR organizations. Customers use DSIs technology solutions for HR applications such as multi-rater assessment, employee testing, performance appraisals, employee engagement surveys, talent management, and research & impact studies.

DSI's engineering team selected InetSoft's embeddable reporting technology for its extensibility, for easy extraction of data in real-time from multiple sources and platforms, for its flexibility to design custom reports that match the look and feel required for each customer, and for its robustness and speed of performance.

Each application is data-rich, and their customers needed easy-to-use, yet powerful, reporting and analysis capabilities. The company has been particularly happy with the performance that embedding InetSoft's technology has delivered with reports running in seconds, not minutes, which has considerably enhanced the end-user experience -- while at the same time reducing the resource load in producing reports and greatly increasing throughout.

Pentagon Technologies deployed InetSoft's Style Report software to make operational improvements around its lead and sales processes. The company automated over 50 content-rich reports that give executives, account managers & sales engineers the critical information about a prospect's qualification status and efforts.

Compared to less integrated processes available prior to the Style Report installation, data errors and misinterpretations have been greatly reduced, and time has been freed up for salespeople to prospect for new business and for engineering to take on more business. The company has been extremely gratified to see how much of a productivity enhancer InetSoft's business intelligence software has been.

The company chose InetSoft's Web-based reporting solution because it could be deployed so easily across different geographies and computing platforms and because its feature set is so mature and robust. Developers were surprised by its ease-of-use for end-users when they started to see sales managers creating their own reports without special training or support from IT.

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Secure Report Portal

Flight Data Services (FDS), a provider of a fully comprehensive flight data monitoring service to commercial and private aircraft operators, selected InetSoft’s Style Intelligence to provide its customers with custom interactive reporting derived from black box flight data. Translating this raw data into operational business intelligence is an integral part of an aircraft operator’s safety program. Identifying trends and fully investigating circumstances behind minor incidents enables safety managers to improve operational procedures and training, raising awareness of safety issues within the operation and assisting management to make informed business decisions.

Style Intelligence has allowed FDS to provide its customers with a secure report portal from which they can instantly and interactively generate their own reports and drill down into data. They were very selective, having looked at about a dozen similar products. In the end, it was an easy choice because other offerings were unable to meet their fundamental requirements. FDS selected InetSoft on the basis that the product integrated well with their applications and business processes.

In addition, and unique amongst similar solutions, the InetSoft products provided static as well as dynamic reporting, enabling our customers to investigate their data against pre-determined measurables. This functionality has provided their customers with a powerful benchmarking tool to determine how many similar events have occurred over an established period, and whether they are increasing or decreasing in regularity, effectively measuring their safety programme against past performance.

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Present Real-time Data

Gypsum Management & Supply Inc. (GMS) selected InetSoft’s Style Intelligence in order to present real-time data on sales, purchases and receivables to varying levels of GMS staff. GMS is the largest independent distributor of drywall, acoustical and other specialty building materials in the United States and operates in 26 states, through a network of 43 subsidiary companies and more than 130 distribution centers. InetSoft's BI solution has enabled a new level of self-service BI for a very large population of GMS users who have been able to generate and print reports, create graphs, and view snapshots of their current business performance. Dashboards and reports have been created from data mashups across multiple data sources.

For the first time key performance measures have been consolidated into one system to provide easy access and have enabled even better informed business decisions. The company cited ease of integration with existing operational systems, flexibility in the design process and cost-effectiveness from a licensing perspective as key factors in the decision to select Style Intelligence.

GMS has found InetSoft's BI application to provide an intuitive platform with which they can generate easy to use reports and dashboards for their users. By consolidating the data into interactive reports that are easy to read and access, their users have been able to quickly make business decisions based on current data. In addition, using this system has eliminated the manual processes employees used to complete to consolidate the data before the deployment of the InetSoft solution. Removing these manual processes has allowed for faster and more accurate data analysis.

why select InetSoft
“Flexible product with great training and support. The product has been very useful for quickly creating dashboards and data views. Support and training has always been available to us and quick to respond.
- George R, Information Technology Specialist at Sonepar USA

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