Choosing the Best Data Visualization Tool for 2024

What do business decision makers look for when choosing the best data visualization tool for their company?

Factors to consider are the ability to mashup different types of data sources, the ability to import data, integration with data warehousing, options for prototyping new data, accessibility, and user-friendly features that speed up decision making.

InetSoft's Style Intelligence BI suite ranks a strong first in all these categories.

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Database Connectivity

Style Intelligence users are empowered by the ability to import data from various databases, including JDBC, XML, Microsoft Excel, and many cloud sources such as Google and salesforce. See the full list. This ability becomes especially useful when tracking trends and patterns that may be overlooked in traditional reporting. The end result – be it data, dashboards, or reports – can then be displayed in a visually attractive manner and shared with other users.

Data Mashup

With data mashup, separate data sources of almost any type can be combined to produce reports and dashboards that provide new insights and create internal information management efficiencies.

InetSoft is a pioneer in data mashup and offers a unique capability of end-user defined data mashup, which means even business users can combine fields from different data sources that were not previously modeled, and import external data sources such as spreadsheets, to create a new dashboard or report to be shared in the BI environment. The end result is maximum self-service.

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Ultimate Accessibility

Style Intelligence is unique in its ability to report across a multitude of data sources whether it is internal, external, or user generated. Users can select from a large variety of possible sources, without necessarily having to be aware of the underlying details.

Additionally, Style Intelligence is a completely Web-based, zero-client application. Users can connect to their data from any device with a web browser; this includes desktop computers as well as mobile devices such as iPads, mobile phones, Android tablets, etc.

Server administrators can set a large variety of parameters to control exactly what their users can and cannot see. By doing so, the same dashboard can be personalized on a user-by-user basis, displaying only data sources that are deemed appropriate or applicable to the current user.

User Friendly Features

Eliminate desktop-based tools that were made with analysts in mind. Style Intelligence allows for any user to take advantage of the tool without having a background in advanced configuration or scripting. Once the infrastructure is in place, mash up and dashboard possibilities become endless and are no further than the click of a mouse. It has never been so easy for BI to become accessible to all company members no matter location or skill set.

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The End Result

In short, a topnotch data visualization tool, such as Style Intelligence, provides a newfound form of efficiency. It quickly provides a shared understanding of large quantities of data across a wide range of employees.

The benefit of clear and concise data only speeds up company productivity by engaging all employees and allowing more time for the company to focus on its consumer. Time is shifted from collection and interpretation to analysis. The tool thus becomes conducive to increasing company insight and understanding. It unifies the employees by creating a shared vision that is easily understood no matter the depth or complication.