Searching For BI Dashboard Examples?

Below are examples of BI dashboards. A BI dashboard is a business management tool that will allow a business to keep track of all aspects of their daily activity. These intuitive and interactive dashboards allow companies to manipulate their data in such a way as to make it easier for employees and management to understand.

BI Dashboards, or business intelligence dashboards, allow businesses and users alike to present and organize their data in standardized tables and chart. This allows companies to present this data, no matter how complicated, in an easy to use dashboard. The business intelligent dashboards help eliminate the confusion of dealing with numbers, and help to focus the discussion toward strategic management. These solutions are critical to running an efficient and most importantly, a profitable business.

Executive Sales Overview Dashboard

good Executive Sales Overview example

This executive sales overview gives executives an overview of sales by area, time period, and salesperson. The Employee Performance by Quarter chart displays employee sales relative to their quota, with bars turning red when performance lags behind the goal.

Risk Management Consultancy Dashboard

bestRisk Management Consultancy  example

This risk management consultancy dashboard from InetSoft partner Protecht displays various measures of risk and compliance. An incidents by date chart features a red line tracking actual losses, utilizing color to draw the users attention to what's most important.

Win/Loss Opportunity Outcome Analysis

Win/Loss Opportunity Outcome Analysis

This win/loss opportunity outcome analyses wins and losses by category, opportunity source, and proposal type. With wins in green, losses in red, and declines in yellow, this dashboard is a great example of how our intuitive associations with different colors can be used to make a dashboard more communicative.

Bank Demographics Report

good Bank Demographics example

This interactive bank demographic report can help bank managers identify their most valuable customer demographics. The sunburst chart on the top right is an effective way to show how different customer segments relate to each other.

Sales Performance Report

Sales Performance Report

This sales-by-state sales performance report gives a broad visual breakdown of revenue, prices, and profits, by product line. Color is used in several of the charts to add another dimension. The live version features a mouseover chart, packing in even more information without wasting dashboard real estate.

Help Center Management Portal

Help Center Management Portal

This real-time help center management portal gives shows call center managers how many calls their employees are handling and how long they are taking. The dashboard refreshes ever 30 seconds, with individual employees represented with icons that change color when the employee is on the phone.

Maintenance Efficiency Analytics

good Maintenance Efficiency Analytics example

This maintenance efficiency analytics sample displays the percentage of work orders started and completed, and tracks the man hours necessary for completion of said work orders. A number of line charts display the fluctuations in these various measures over time, enabling managers to pinpoint where specific issues occurred.

Multidimensional Demographic Analysis

best BI example

This multidimensional data analysis of US census data uses multidimensional charting to display population, income, region, and property value, all in a single chart. Various filter elements enable possible patterns in the data to be discovered and explored.

Predictive Music Industry Dashboard

Predictive Music Industry Dashboard

This predictive music industry dashboard example by InetSoft can be easily embedded into applications to help creators find the next hot music genre in certain areas. In the example dashboard, the most important audio features impacting popularity are identified by regression model. Moreover, end user can deep dive into the music fusion by checking simulated decision tree of genre classification.

InetSoft's BI Dashboard Software

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