InetSoft Business Intelligence Reporting

InetSoft has been delivering business intelligence reporting since 1996. It has been a favorite among developers winning the Readers Choice awards from the Java Developer Journal for best reporting tool for 8 consecutive years.

Professional Authoring

Our professional authoring tool combines word-processing grade design with dynamic data manipulation. It enables professionals to develop sophisticated reports by using simple business reporting software – a departure from the traditional requirement of using custom programming. Key benefits include the abilities to:

  • Deliver professional, high fidelity presentation
  • Transform and manipulate raw data
  • Embed business logic with scripting
  • Enhance manageability and agility
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bi reporting example for manufacturing

On-demand, Interactive Reporting

We deliver on-demand reports on the Web. In-report exploration capabilities empower business users with the ability to reshape information in real time. High performance streaming and caching ensure the optimal end user experience. Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Gather up-to-the-minute information
  • Reshape reports in real time
  • Minimize performance bottlenecks

Scheduling, Bursting, and Archiving

InetSoft's report scheduling, bursting, and archiving capabilities allow for flexible batch report generation. Report bursting separates report pages into security controlled sections. Business users' viewing is limited to permission granted sections. Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Personalize information delivery
  • Relieve system resource conflict
  • Ensure viewing response time
  • Enable large data volume reporting

bi reporting example for construction
bi reporting example for construction

Ad Hoc Query and Reporting

InetSoft's HTML5 powered Web 2.0 technology brings a desktop grade Web user experience to ad hoc query and reporting. Business reporting software users can produce both data-focused ad hoc queries and presentation-focused ad hoc reports. Key benefits include the abilities to:

  • Extend professionally designed reports
  • Gather information by self-service queries
  • Produce presentation quality reports on the Web

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