Easy to Use Dashboard Tools

Dashboard reporting tools offer managers a convenient tool for monitoring their company's performance. They act as a control center for a company, facilitating a 360 degree view of all key business metrics.

Unlike a control center, however, dashboards are a much more portable solution. Dashboard tools can be embedded into existing software or exist as stand alone products. The most transportable dashboard tools are entirely Web-based.

Web-based dashboard tools, aside from being conveniently cartable, have several advantages over desktop clients:

Being online applications means that these dashboard tools have access to 100% real time information. They don't operate off reestablished information. The information they provide is a snapshot of an organization's current standing.

Dashboards can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses of an business, run multiple reports simultaneously, and show new trends.

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What Makes InetSoft Attractive?

InetSoft's Style Intelligence software is easy to use and easy to set up. As a 100% Web-based application, Style Intelligence offers users rapid implementation and low maintenance overhead. Zero-client deployment requires only a Web browser.

A simple drag-and-drop interface enables end-users to define data mashups. This allows new sources to be added rapidly and combined with disparate data source types.

InetSoft's technology is easy, agile, and robust.

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