Popular Business Dashboard Examples

For businesses that generate numerous reports in multiple departments, gathering and analyzing all the data is critical for success. An effective business dashboard is an important tool that enables leaders to view the big picture of their company in an instant.

InetSoft's dashboard software uses a visualization-driven approach to enable rapid deployment of self-service business dashboards. They are business user-driven and offer strong analytic functions. The key advantages:

  • Monitor, explore, and analyze and drilldown into details
  • Easy to use, modify, and create
  • Leverage user-driven data mashup
  • Suitable for executive dashboards and power-user exploration

Below are screenshots of business dashboard examples built with InetSoft's drag and drop dashboard software. Click on the screenshots to get a closer look.

Community College Dashboard

Community College Dashboard Example

This admissions officer dashboard breaks down admissions by various demographic and psychographic factors, such as race, gender, major type, transfers, and year. Large, easy to read text KPIs display the dashboard's most important aggregates, with percent change from previous period displayed underneath them.

Purchasing Manager Dashboard

Purchasing Manager Dashboard Example

This dashboard eneables purchasing managers to see which states have the highest orders and which salespeople are performing. Sales goals are represented by diamond shape elements for easy comparison.

Medical Clinic Dashboard

Medical Clinic Dashboard Example

In this medical report example you can easily wring out a huge variety of statistics surrounding national mortality. The visuals can be displayed by age, race, gender or cause. You can filter out specific diseases within each Cause or zoom in for an intimate analysis within certain communities. Easily spot the major causes or drill down to find the way certain causes affect demographics differently.

Product Manufacturer Dashboard

Product Manufacturer Dashboard Example

This analytics example uses multidimensional charting and KPI guages to display the fuel efficiency of over 500 different vehicles. A detail table displays each vehicle's individual data, enabling brand outliers to be identified.

An Insurance Director Dashboard

insurance director dashboard

This insurance director dashboard helps insurance adjusters better estimate insurer risk. Breakdowns of claims by age, date, and status give a high level view of risks and payouts.

A Facilties Executive Dashboard

facilties executive dashboard

This facilities executive dashboard sample displays the percentage of work orders started and completed, and tracks the man hours necessary for completion of said work orders. A number of line charts display the fluctuations in these various measures over time, enabling managers to pinpoint where specific issues occurred.

Social Media Marketing Visualization

Social Media Marketing Visualization dashboard example

This social media marketing dashboard can free business users from juggling multiple social media accounts across various platforms, and allow them to monitor accounts and track engagement metrics all in one place. The dashboard consists of a combination of easy-to-understand charts such as summary charts, line charts, bar charts, and pie charts to present engagement information across multiple platforms, and uses interactive filters to simplify the process of making analysis and comparisons.

Restaurant Delivery Platform

facilties executive dashboard

Combining the capabilities of data mashup with powerful visualization, the restaurant delivery platform dashboard created using Inetsoft's Style Scope caters to the requirements of food delivery app analysts who are looking to derive important insights that can help their business offer better service to their customers and generate higher revenue. The unique device adaptability feature of Inetsoft's Style Scope makes it easy to switch between multiple devices without compromising on the interactivity of the dashboard.