Tracking Dashboard Examples

Are you using tracking dashboards in your business? If not, then presenting business data to your employees and upper management staff is taking valuable time away from other areas of your business that desperate need of attention.

Tracking dashboards allow for a one-click representation of how your business is functioning at a particular point in time, without having to know how all the parts work together. This style of tracking dashboards allow for management to easily communicate between departments about how to shift focus to problem areas. Tracking dashboards can be used in a variety of ways depending on the company's needs.

Using these dashboards can give your company a strategic edge when it comes to its Business Intelligence solutions. By converting your companies specific metrics and key performance indicators into a graphical representation, it allows for streamlined understanding of how the business is running, from the top down.

Tracking dashboards give the user the freedom to manipulate data in a variety of different ways to achieve appeal to numerous groups of people. From upper management, to the everyday employee, tracking dashboards use metrics and key performance indicators to pin-point exactly where your company is flourishing and where it needs some improvement. It will aid managers in their responsibilities to spot upward and downward trends as well as their ability to report new trends.

With InetSoft's unique drag and drop dashboard design, you are able to fully customize reports geared toward your specific business. You have full control over with metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) that you wish to choose, and are able to combine and conform them to your growing business.

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Consider InetSoft's Dashboard Software

Are you looking for software tools to build performance dashboards? InetSoft offers free and commercial Web-based dashboard software that includes a drag and drop designer for creating impactful, interactive dashboards for enterprises and ISV's:

  • For a free, no software to download option, try Visualize Free.
  • For our full-featured commercial application which includes advanced data mashup and security options, evaluate Style Scope.