Style Report Enterprise
- Web-Based Enterprise Reporting Software

InetSoft Style Report Enterprise is an edition of Style Intelligence that focuses on enterprise reporting, generating pixel-perfect production reports and delivering interactive reports in a zero-client, web environment. It also includes the same data intelligence platform as Style Intelligence which solves data management challenges such as connecting to and transforming data from disparate sources.

Style Report Enterprise's small footprint, 100% Java, pure web architecture delivers an embedding and integration-ready platform. As a J2EE drop-in web application, Style Report Enterprise not only integrates with any other web-based user interface, it also leverages the same application server platform as that of the embedding application.

Dashboard Demo

View a 2-minute intro to how InetSoft's approach to enabling data intelligence via dashboards and reports differs from others in the marketplace.

Web-Based Reporting Product Features and Capabilities

Data Access

  • Connectivity to relational databases (JDBC), multidimensional databases, XML, SOAP, Java beans (POJO), Microsoft Excel, and flat files. (More enterprise applications and database types are accessible via Style Intelligence)
  • Custom data access adapter
  • Data model, query and data blocks
  • Data mashup across multi-source data objects
  • Security control at the data cell level for users, roles and groups
  • ERWin data model importer

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Production Report Design

  • Powerful WYSIWYG report designer
  • Word processor-like and HTML-like layout
  • Rich presentation element library
  • Dynamic expanding table, formula table, and super crosstab
  • Free positioning field based section(band)
  • Charting library with over 30 different types
  • Reusable meta template and report beans
  • Sub-report nesting
  • Advanced presentation - TOC, maps, images
  • Localization and internationalization to any language
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Business Logic Embedding

  • Report, page, or element level scripting using JavaScript
  • Highlighting on background, foreground, font
  • Conditional control on element visibility, page break
  • On-export and on-print report control
  • Dynamic drilldown to report and URL
  • Alerts for exceptions or business-rule triggers


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High Performance and Scalability

  • Data access connection pools
  • Data streaming and page streaming
  • Configurable data and report page cache
  • Clustered reporting service
  • Concurrent report threading control
  • Bursting and scheduled reports
  • Resource management on file system and database
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Enterprise Environment

  • Security control on data cell, report, folder
  • Security by individual, role, group, and functional module
  • Schedule with customizable conditions and actions
  • Archiving and versioning
  • Search across report meta data
  • Audit, access, and error logs
  • HTTPS support and encryption on PDF outputs
  • User disk quota control
  • Team development environment

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Embedding and Integration

  • Single sign-on and out-of-box LDAP integration
  • Web service and SOAP architecture
  • CSS driven presentation customization
  • Componentized portal
  • JSP tag library for presentation
  • IIS and MS Share Point integration-ready
  • Java API for data and report manipulation
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Interactive Report Viewing

  • Mobile reporting accessible from Web-enabled devices including Android-based tablets, smartphones, iPads, and iPhones
  • All popular Web browsers supported with or without a Flash plugin - e.g., Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
  • Zero-client, security controlled Web portal
  • In-report sorting, filtering, hide/unhide
  • Drilldown from any report element to another report or URL
  • Parameterization in cascade and staging modes
  • Summary/detail toggling displays
  • Report element context menu
  • Real-time viewing or queued reports
  • Dropdown lists, text fields and other form controls
  • Export to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and CSV
  • Email, server-based printing, and client-based printing
  • Archived reports with in-report exploration