InetSoft Free Visualization Tool

InetSoft has created a free visualization tool that offer productivity to business users and Web developers as well as provide a way to evaluate some of the technology included in the company's commercial business intelligence software for interactive dashboards, visual analysis, charting, and reporting.

Visualize Free - no-software-download visual analysis

Visualize Free is a free Web-based visualization software application for performing data mining or exploring your data using visual analysis techniques.

If you have data in a spreadsheet, you can quickly upload it. Then with a drag and drop designer you can create a visualization, a multi-dimensional chart that you can use to sift through a lot of data with simple point and click filtering and formatting.

Once completed you can keep it private or share it with colleagues by simply sending them a URL to go to.

Free Visual Analysis Software Example
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View live interactive examples in InetSoft's dashboard and visualization gallery.