InetSoft Technology: Bridging the Gap Between Business Activity Monitoring and BI Using Data Mashup

In today's increasingly complex business environment, monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) allows executives and operational managers to place a value on activities that are normally difficult to measure, but that nonetheless allow an organization to track its progress toward a goal. While KPIs vary widely according to the size, strategy, nature and niche of an organization, they are always derived from two types of data: real-time (short-term) and historical (long-term).

Naturally, having the ability to accurately monitor both dimensions of KPIs simultaneously seems ideal. After all, the ability to make day-to-day, short-term changes may bear great affect on long term gains. Conversely, the ability to examine long-term, historical data can lead to improvements in day-to-day operations.

Although clearly inextricable, two separate technologies emerged - Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) software and Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) software - that only allowed for organizations to explore the short-term and long-term facets of KPIs separately. Unfortunately, for some organizations, this has required a heavy investment into both types of applications.

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Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Provides real-time business analytics from transactional data sources but lacks long-term historical trend analyses.

Traditional Business Intelligence (BI)

Enables historical trend analyses but only works with large rigidly structured data sets gathered from data warehouses making it inflexible to change.

Data Mashup Applications - A Unique Solution

InetSoft's business intelligence software bridges the gap between business activity monitoring and traditional business intelligence by enabling users to simultaneously compare real-time data sources with data that's been warehoused; a unique capability in InetSoft's solution known as data mashup. This unique capability allows many organizations to reap the benefits of both BAM and BI in one flexible and comparatively low priced solution.

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Data Mashups

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Data Mashups quickly manage multiple data sources, allowing users to view transactional data on equal terms with data warehouse results and easily manipulate data from both sources.

Visual Analysis Dashboards

InetSoft's application also comes equipped with powerful visual analysis dashboard capabilities that allows for high level visual exploration for any data mashup. This feature allows users to create custom visualizations that allow for simultaneous analysis of disparate data sources. This enables organizations to recognize short and long-term trends and make informed decisions on the operational level with all KPI related data available.

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