Business Activity Monitoring

BAM empowers businesses with real-time information regarding current operational statuses. Historical data is also often presented to provide context to current situations.
business activity management dashboards

Real Time Visual Views, Actionable Details

InetSoft's visualization dashboards are the best way to present high level views of organizational data. Visual KPIs must not only present clear, refreshing visibility, they must also be actionable. InetSoft's visualization engine has deep built-in interactivities. It allows business users to drill down and interrogate underlying data to discern proper action.

business activity management interactive

Mashup Real Time Data With Its Historical Context

For BAM, historical context is as important as all other types of business analytics. It's often the case that historical data and real time data come from different channels. Data transformation and mashup are critical to gain a comprehensive view.

Mashup Machine Learning with Business Activity Monitoring

Business activity monitoring can be mashed up with machine learning based visualization. Machine learning is great at learning patterns and trends from historic data. For example, machine learning can indicate a potential surge in call center volume and allow managers to prepare before hand. In other words, machine learning provides historic context in a more intelligent way.

Machine Learning Dashboard for Business Activity Monitoring