Dashboard Reporting Examples

Since 1996, InetSoft's dashboard software Style Intelligence™ uses a reporting-driven approach to enable rapid deployment of BI dashboards. They are business user-driven and offer strong reporting tools and functions. Dashboard software has been established as a highly effective business intelligence tool. Our dashboards can be monitoring-oriented or reporting-oriented and are a foundation of performance management software.

Style Intelligence is not a desktop application. It is web based server application and that can be accessed by any device. It can work with or without flash plugins and is accessible on mobile devices. Take a look at the versatility of BI implementations with InetSoft's dashboard software. Click on the dashboard reporting images to get a better look:

Sales Reporting Dashboard Example

Good Dashboard Reporting Example

Executive Report Dashboard Example

Executive Dashboard Reporting Example

Management Dashboard Example

Sales Management Dashboard Reporting Example

Marketing Research Dashboard

Market Research Dashboard Reporting Example

Manufacturing Dashboard Example

Good Manufacturing Dashboard Reporting Example

University Reporting Dashboard

Good University Dashboard Reporting Example

Marketing Report Analytics Example

Marketing Analytics Dashboard Reporting Example

Supply Chain Dashboard Example

Supply Chain Dashboard Reporting Example

Marketing Leads Dashboard Sample

Marketing Leads Dashboard Reporting Example