Data Mashup, Visualizations

and Amazon (AWS) Dashboards

InetSoft's data reporting tools runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give you a supercharged data transformation and data mashup platform for interactive dashboarding, visual analytics, and production reporting.

Connect to Amazon RDS, Redshift, MySQL, EMR and other data sources, mashup and transform data on the fly, and build interactive, personalizable dashboards and visual analyses that can be accessed from any browser.

Explore all your big and small data without IT involvement or a data warehouse.

Speed up analytics across disparate sources with intelligent caching.

Build executive KPI monitoring dashboards and exploratory data visualizations in minutes with a web-based drag and designer.

Business users get intuitive, personalized point-and-click access to the data they need to monitor the business and answer ad hoc questions on their own.

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Try It Now for Free on AWS

A version of InetSoft's data intelligence software, Style Scope Agile Edition, is available for free on Amazon. It has the same interactive visualization and data mashup engines of the commerical applications. It is limited to 2 simultaneous users and connects to Amazon RDS, Redshift, MySQL, and other data sources. Enterprise administration, granular security, and production reporting are the primary functional exclusions. Install it now.

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