Scorecard Dashboards

Scorecards present strategic business KPIs that are normally implemented with visualization dashboards. The strategic nature of scorecards makes their style of dashboard noticeably different from operational dashboards.
scorecard dashboards

Present and Future - Execution vs. Target, Goals & Forecast

Scorecard dashboards bring together data for current execution and data defined for the future. Unlike historical data, future data can be dynamic as future expectation adjusts. InetSoft's web app can easily mashup many dynamic, ad hoc datasets. Once designed, InetSoft's scorecard dashboards have built-in inputs that can be dynamically changed on the fly.

scorecard data mashup
scorecard forcast & target, goal

Forecast and What-if Analyis Aided by Machine Learning

Machine learning predicts future data based on historical data. InetSoft's built-in machine learning easily provides forecasts to be mashed up with human predictions for the most accurate future outlook.

score card machine learning