Dashboards and Visual Analytics for Data Warehouses

InetSoft's dashboard and visualization software can access many of the popular data warehouses with either an ODBC or a custom connector including:

Actian Vectorwise Amazon Redshift EMC Greenplum
HP Vertica IBM Netezza ParStream
ParAccel Others by ODBC or Custom Connector

In addition to accessing a single data warehouse for advanced dashboarding and analytics, InetSoft's powerful data mashup engine and data warehouse reporting tools let you combine and manipulate data with other data types (see All Data Sources for others), saving on additional ETL efforts.

With a small-footprint server, agile data access, and intuitive design tools, InetSoft's Style Intelligence delivers the IT-friendliest solution for user-friendly self-service business intelligence.

Build Interactive Dashboards

Build Interactive Dashboards

Unlock the data that is stored so carefully away in your data warehouse. Give the organization web-based dashboards that individuals of all technical skill levels can use from any device, whether desktops, laptops, mobile phones or tablets.

InetSoft's Style Intelligence includes traditional reporting capabilities with very mature feature sets such as for creating production reports, but the visualization technology makes information consumption far more efficient enabling managers and analysts to perceive performance changes at a glance and drill through the data with simple pointing and clicking in order to trace the roots of the changes.

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Build Mashups of Your Warehouse Data and Other Enterprise Data

A key strength of InetSoft's business intelligence software is its depth of support for data mashups. Data from one or more data warehouses can be combined with almost any other data source found in your enterprise including: XML, SOAP, Java beans (POJO), EJB beans, OLAP cubes, Hadoop/HIVE, SAP ERP, PeopleSoft, Siebel CRM, Google AdWords & Analytics, JDE, salesforce.com, MapR, SAP HANA and more.

In addition, InetSoft has innovated unique self-service capabilities for enterprise mashups. You do not have to be a BI analyst to create your own mashups. Simply import your spreadsheet and drag and drop similar fields to combine disparate tables and fields that were not previously mapped in a data model. Whatever dashboards or reports you make from them are now shareable inside the enterprise BI space.

Build Mashups Of Your Warehouse Data and Other Enterprise Data

Created Advanced Data Visulizations

Created Advanced Data Visualizations

Style Intelligence includes advanced data visualization types to be used on multi-dimensional data. From bubble charts to bullet graphs to heatmaps, point and click visual analysis is the way to detect patterns and outliers and discover useful findings from mountains of data, especially big data, and to represent performance data in the most efficient way possible.

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