Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise reporting gives an organization a comprehensive and consistent view of its performance. It needs to serve a diversified user population. While maintaining control is important in ensuring consistency, a solution must be flexible enough that each department can swiftly have its business needs addressed.

enterprise reporting

Enterprise Data Mashup Maintains Consistency While Retaining Flexibility

InetSoft's data mashup technology maintains data lineage for core corporate data. In many cases, it can even replace an IT-heavy data warehouse. But it still allows lower level users to mashup their own databases and Excel files with core data. Regardless of whether the data is in-cloud or on-premise, stored in a data warehouse or databases, data mashup can draw in the data in real time or build a high speed cache for fast retrieval.

enterprise reprting data mashup

Online Dashboards For the CEO and the Front Line, Offline Reports Delivered to Customers and Agencies

Enterprise reporting has a widely diversified user population. InetSoft's highly customizable dashboard reports give CEO's a 30,00 foot view and provide front line business users action-oriented visual reporting. Document-oriented reporting allows further delivery flexibility, especially for customers and external agencies.

enterprise dashboard reports and document reports

Built-in Machine Learning for a Data-Driven Organization

Data science has become essential for organizations. But big gaps exist between models built by data scientists and ones suited to the business user. InetSoft's built-in machine learning engine makes productionalizing these models effortless. Within the visual interface, executives can easily explore machine generated intelligence.

enterprise reporting with machine learning